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A Shy Engineer’s Guide To Getting Girls

Let’s get straight to the point. In this article, you, yes you will learn the secrets and sure-fire ways of getting yourself a girlfriend.

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Let’s get straight to the point. In this article,a shy engineer like you will learn the secrets and sure-fire ways of getting yourself a girlfriend. This article is not only for geeks but for every single guy who wants to find his significant other. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and TRUE ladies will come. Eeeeer, hopefully. Here we go.


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This is the most fundamental step before trying to date a girl. Seriously! It may sound corny, but it’s true. Women are very complex beings, and if you don’t understand yourself, how can you expect to understand someone else?

Know who you are, what you love to do. Know your hobbies, likes and dislikes. Understand your convictions. Never change who you are just to impress a girl. They don’t like that either. Women like men who know and understand themselves. If you understand this fully, move on to step 2.



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This is an easy step. Learn what you enjoy doing and do it, learn what you don’t like doing, and don’t do it. Show the world who you really are.

For example: You love playing strategy video games, so play them. If you hate sports video games then avoid them. You like classical music, then download those.

However, this doesn’t mean that you totally shouldn’t do stuff you hate just because you do. Let’s say for instance you hate playing sports games, but your girlfriend loves it. So, you learn to accept and live with it. Just don’t go playing it just to impress her. Got it? Next Step.

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No one likes an egoistic, arrogant jerk. Everyone has stuff they’re good at, and they’ve got stuff they suck at as well. Guess what? The world doesn’t revolve around you. Learn to be humble, and at the same time be confident enough with the things you’re good at.

We’re almost there. Are you ready for a woman? Next step!



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Now that you know yourself, can express yourself well, and you’re not an arrogant jerk, get yourself out there and go get your girl!


~Apply these steps in public, like at school, at work, or when hanging out with friends.

~Don’t go having split personalities. Girls have good antennae for these. Just chill, and be yourselves.

~Meet new people. Girls don’t bite. Unless you already have eyes on someone.

~Talk to girls. Talk. Talk. Talk. Make friends. This will make it easier for you to talk to the girl you want to ask out.

Hohoho… off to our last step.



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I’ll have to admit, this is the scariest part of all the steps.

Let’s say you like this girl, and you got to know her pretty well. You can be yourself around her, and you treat her with respect. You feel that she likes you as well… are you ready?

Before asking her out though, think about these first.

~Do you really like her? A lot? So much that you want to be stuck with her for a long time. If yes, good.

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~Think. “Do I have a chance?” Guys sometimes fall head over heels for a girl who hates their guts. If this is the case, then just move on. If she doesn’t hate you then you have a chance.

~Don’t plan a script. Just be honest.


If she says yes, then congratulations!

If not, then at least you have a great friend.


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