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6 Signs You’re an Overstressed Engineer

Engineers are almost always stressed. But overstressed? It depends. Check these signs!

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We all know how stressful the engineering world can be. Whether it’s in engineering school or in the professional world, stressful events are just around the corner ready to pounce at any random time. We are usually aware of a lot of stressors and if we handle them right, then that’s good. But sometimes, we fail to handle these stressors and ignore the effects thinking that we can take it. When we let this happen, stressors will keep piling up, and we’ll be overstressed before we know it. What’s worse is that sometimes, we don’t even know that we’re overstressed.

Here are some signs that you’re an overstressed engineer.

You shake when confronted with stressful events


Shaking is a very common sign of stress. Our body’s nervous system kicks in immediately when there is threat, even if it’s not physical. Shaking often may mean that you have emotional fears or situations in life that may be causing too much stress. Low blood sugar, which is a kind of stress on the body, could also cause shaking.

You experience butterflies in the stomach a lot

It’s normal for people to get butterflies when they’re doing a speech or at a performance, but getting them often could be a sign of stress. If you feel butterflies whenever you think of a certain problem or scenario could be a sign of overstress.

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You cry easily in stressful situations

Crying lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol is commonly known as “the stress hormone”. If you notice that you easily break down during stressful times, this may be a sign that your cortisol levels are overwhelming you. If you feel better after crying, it means that you really need that cry. Don’t hold back from crying when you’re under a lot of stress. It’s your body trying to help you.

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You often have shoulder or neck tension


Prolonged mental tension could often manifest in the neck and shoulders because these areas are usually kept in stiff position. If you spend all day at the office or in front of the computer, your neck and shoulders stay tensed without you even noticing.

You lash out at people


Lashing out is a sign that you have built up too much stress. So if you find yourself too short-tempered constantly, take the time to know why you’re stressed and try to address it.

You are deprived of fun


Adults need to have fun too. We aren’t computers. Shoving fun out of the way can cause a lot of stress and may affect your everyday performance at work and in everything you do.

So if you find yourself feeling any of these, then take it as a warning and do a self-check. You may think you aren’t stressed, but you may actually be. So stop acting tough and acknowledge you’re stressed and try to solve what’s making you stressed accordingly.

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