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2021 VERSION: Project Budgeting Software for Small Business

It is wise to go for a project budgeting software in-built with a project management software to cut down the unnecessary expense for your small scale business

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Budgeting Software


You might think budgeting is a complex process to assess and manage. Well, with a project budgeting software, you don’t have to worry about constant monitoring.

As this software is fully-automated, it offers you concise reports whenever you require.

Many small business owners may wonder, it is expensive that might burn a hole in their pocket.

Absolutely, not.

Here’s a list of five best cost-effective project budgeting software exclusively for small businesses. Are you ready to know? Let’s go.


assetTRAC is a fully-equipped project budgeting software that offers both free and paid versions. Even, the free version has effective budgeting tools you require for your startup.

All you have to do is feed your budget and link your business account, that’s it.

It monitors every transaction process and alerts you to complete the project with the defined budget.

assetTRAC salient features include

  • Cost tracking and time tracking to control the expenses.
  • Customizable templates for portfolio budgeting.
  • 30-day free trial for all the users.

eXo Platform

An open-source software saves your time from coding complexities; eXo Platform does exactly the same. It gives you full visibility to have control over the tasks.

In addition to being a project management software, it extends the supports towards the remote working team in providing virtual workspaces and minimizes budgeting confusions.

eXo Platform gives holistic solution for budgeting, task management and collaboration with all your team members irrespective of their location and the best part they offer all these tools from $5 ONLY.

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eXo Platform salient features include

  • ROI and forecasting tools to predict future trends.
  • Automated analysis of the workload capacity of your employees.
  • Customizable forms and templates for project budgeting, planning, and reporting.
  • Detailed graphs on the expense, resource workload and portfolio reports.


Are you looking for resource and portfolio budgeting tools on multiple projects? Then, take a look at Kelloo.

Use the scenario modelling feature present in Kelloo for knowing whether the new work suits your business structure before committing to it.

The project budgeting software provides resource forecasting that saves you from falling into the bumps on the road to success sooner and solves it effectively.

Kelloo salient features include

  • Resource capacity planning feature to plan the resources required in-advance.
  • Rich utilization reporting to optimize resource usage based on your budget.
  • Prioritization tools to deal with the change flexibly.
  • Works best for agile teams.

Kendo manager

Kendo manager offers personalized options for any business industry like construction, consulting, software, engineering and other services.

This project budgeting software provides instant message and email notification when you are about to exceed the budget at each milestone.

It is an on-premise software with reliable resources for effective communication that offers in-person and online support.

Kendo manager salient features include

  • Wide range of reporting options for the expense, portfolio and timesheets.
  • Seamless workflow management with user-friendly tools.
  • Risk analysis at each stage of the project and efficient workload capacity analysis.
  • Multi-language support to work with a diverse community.


Mosaic helps you in handle in project complexities with its seamless project management and project budgeting widgets.

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Keeping in mind your goals and priorities, you can customize the dashboard to manage everything in one place.

Intuitive budgeting tools like portfolio coordination, cost tracking and expense notification makes your work simpler.

Mosaic salient features include

  • Capture and share notes within minutes with your team.
  • Effective task allocation with role designation for each of your colleagues.
  • Analyze the risk while budgeting and mitigate it entirely.
  • Kanban board and Gantt Charts for project planning.


It is wise to go for a project budgeting software in-built with a project management software to cut down the unnecessary expense for your small scale business. All of the software, as mentioned above, fall into this category. Thus, you can hit two birds with one stone.

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