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3 Things to Consider When Building a Nearshore Software Development Company

Here are 3 things you’ll need to consider when starting

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Nearshore Software Development Company – Intellias intelligent software engineering

In some instances, making a high-quality custom platform will give your company a new revenue system. For instance, Basecamp made an intranet in the form of a project management app that was so good that other businesses wanted to use it.

Despite their success, you need to spend time with your team creating a long period where everyone is brainstorming. You need to take special consideration before you start to create your custom software and moving forward.

You need to ask yourself, “Will using an expensive platform provide true value for my company?” For instance, a local restaurant won’t benefit from paying thousands of dollars on premium accounting software when using QuickBooks will suffice.

Once you decide on what custom software will assist your nearshore software development company, then start considering your budget and timeline. Remember, software development can be an expensive, long process, and you’ll almost never make the best final product on the first try. You’ll have to take several iterations before your nearshore team gets it right.

How to Utilize Your Nearshore Software Development Company

In order to have a good nearshore software development company, you have to make sure your team is ready for the transition to this method. Here are three things you can do to help make this process easier:

Strategically Invest Your Resources

You might spend too much time and money on the platform before you even see a completed minimally funded product. Make sure that you plan accordingly and budget your resources. If you’re looking for a short term solution, then an off-shelf option will be useful in the short term while having the long-term goals placed on the custom platform.

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Determine the Mission Critical Features

Usually, you need a platform that has thousands of features. You should do some preliminary research to find out which ones will give you a competitive edge and enhance your business. In fact, you can supplement your current technology platform with some existing software. In the early stages of software development, you need to focus on creating a quality product and not bells and whistles.

Build a Strong Development Team

Without a good development team, the entire project is in shambles. It will be hard to manage a weak development team, meaning you’ll want to check your prospective developers to see if their skills will suit your business.

If you have an all-star software development team, you’ll find it easier to release software platform updates. If you are unable to afford this asset, then you’ll find it easier to find developers that are working freelance hours, which allows you to build an intuitive development team over time.


We believe that a nearshore development team can be easily built with the right resources. You have to take the time and describe what software features you need and build a team that can complete the project correctly.

Always stick to your budget. This helps you get the right tools needed for your nearshore team while giving you enough money to spend on more revenue-generating activities. So focus on building your team, and you’ll find it easier to meet the demands of your customers.

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