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5 Top Podcasts For Software Engineers

Soft Skills Engineering is a great podcast providing advice for software developers about all the non-techy stuff behind the profession

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Software Engineers Podcasts


Software engineering is an consistently exciting field, with new tech developments and hacks to learn about all of the time. As with any profession, it pays to stay up to date with the latest in your industry. By doing so, you’ll remain current, passionate, and future proof. To stay in the know, be sure to check out these five top podcasts for software engineers.

1. Soft Skills Engineering

Soft Skills Engineering is a great podcast providing advice for software developers about all the non-techy stuff behind the profession. These episodes aim to teach software engineers that there’s more to the field than strictly coding alone. Recent episodes have discussed using dropbox as an app production database; dealing with disorganized startups; and meeting famous dev teams. Each week hosts answer questions from those working within the field, so this is a great place to get yourself some top advice.

2. Cloudcast

Cloudcast is a quality podcast brought to you by Brian Gracely and Aaron Delp. From software engineering to serverless architecture and cloud computing; cloudcast is the place to be for knowledge and inspiration both. Tune in to hear the discussions about 5G, edge networking, scalable SQL databases and API trends for 2020. Recent guests have included Gene Kim, an established DevOps researcher and author, discussing his new book ‘The Unicorn Project’. Further eps have provided advice on building an effective developer program.

3. The Changelog

The Changelog is hosted by Jerod Santo and Adam Stacoviak, bringing you a range of interviews with some of the best names in software engineering. Recent episodes have featured Matthew Hodgson, discussing an open source project for decentralized and secure real-time comms (aka Matrix). Stephanie Morrillo, has also been on the show, discussing her new book, ‘ A developer’s guide to content creation.’ Here you’ll learn exactly why developers should be sharing their ideas and writing, plus tips on creating a personal brand.

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4. Front End Happy Hour

Front End Happy Hour is a fun-filled podcasts featuring a panel of engineers chatting about Front End development over drinks. Featured engineers include those from Airbnb, Atlassian, Netflix and Twitch. Hosts chat to names like Lauren Tan and Priyankaa Vijayakumar about the latest engineering projects at Netflix, and the challenges faced along the way. Other topics up for discussion have included native mobile solutions, web performance, progressive web apps and Javascript static type systems.

5. Developer Tea

Developer Tea is an excellent podcast, with the intention of helping developers to learn and excel within their field. Topics chatted about in the show have included functional autonomy, measuring freedom to change and ‘engineering your habits like interfaces’. You’ll learn about the three important guidelines for happy designers and the relationship between success and cumulative advantage.

Whether you’re working as a software engineer, or you’re still figuring out how to extract text from image on your computer, these podcasts will provide you with a wealth of interesting info from the wonderful world of software.


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