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People Who Can Easily Build Their Own Website Without Coding

Why website-building isn’t just for coders anymore

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Building a website without coding is now possible.

We can’t deny the time when website design was solely dependent on the skills of a coder. The more experienced and learned a coder was, the more beautiful the design and more enjoyable the user experience. There was even a time when we had to learn code ourselves because if we didn’t, how else would people know what songs we listened to on Myspace and Friendster? But in all seriousness, learning how to code was, by far, a skill learned out of peer pressure and necessity, not a personal desire.

That being said, thanks to a number of cloud-based website building platforms such as, we have the ability to make amazing websites with a UX that is smooth, clear, and enjoyable which is a blessing from the sky—a blessing that is now very much real, accessible, and free.

These website builders come with a variety of advantages suited for people from different walks of life with equally different needs and objectives. So, if you’re any of these people below but know absolutely nothing about coding, then making a website on your own with a website building platform is definitely a wise decision.

Business owners

Having a website is a sure fire way your business to keep up with the growing trend of digitization. It is essential for growth, increasing public awareness and ultimately, becoming relevant and driving sales. Because of search engine optimization, businesses can increase their discoverability and awareness much more easily than before.

Build a website without coding

Also, businesses that are more relatable and have a clear persona i.e. are more “human” are businesses that are more trustworthy in people’s eyes. With design customizability, your business can sound and appear less intimidating or monotonous and can transcend being “just a business.”

Store owners and salespersons

Whether you have a new product you want people to buy or are simply Konmari-ing things that no longer bring you joy, putting items up for sale online is another task that website building platforms such as have made easier.

Owners may add functional tools such as e-commerce and landing pages to sell and educate people about their products. Online website building allows effortless content exhibition through the use of online drag and drop tools.

Visual Artists

Needless to say, these people are extremely creative with their craft. Graphic Artists, illustrators, photographers, videographers, sculptors, painters, and all types of visual artists would find not only a necessary tool to exhibit their works of art, but also a new art medium in and of itself.

Build a website without coding

Design development and website creation go hand in hand. With a wide array of layouts, backgrounds, icons, styles, and typefaces to choose from, a blank website template is no different from a blank canvas in the hands of a creative person. And, if you’re not happy with the options given, creating your own design and uploading it online is not only possible, but easy.

Photographers and 3D Modellers, among other types of artists even have customizable galleries to show their work.

Musicians and Videographers

Visual artists aren’t the only type of artists these website building platforms consider. Passionate performers and producers with audio in their projects find these website building platforms sound.

Uploading audio-visual content and showing the world the new song you’ve been composing, your latest spoken word excerpt, or a trailer for your future film, is as easy as learning your ABCs. Like visual artists, musicians, poets, videographers, and voice actors have a lot to play with and explore using website building platforms.


While writers are no strangers to having online blogs, website building platforms are perfect practice ranges for them to improve upon their visual creativity. Nowadays, people judge blogs not only by its written content, but its level of visual attractiveness, linearity, and ease of its user experience.

Build a website without coding

Whereas old online blogs have a standard look to them i.e. white background, typical typeface, and no personality, website building platforms inject life and color to a writer’s website making it, as they say, one for the books.

Restaurateurs and Servicepersons

website building platforms allow users to easily book services and place online orders. This is especially useful for restaurants, masseuses, cinemas, and other businesses with products and services that need booking. If we thought that calling for a reservation at your favorite restaurant or ordering a product was effortless, doing so online with just a few clicks of a button is even more so.

Using contact sheets, e-mail marketing, and digital forms, taking customer orders has never been easier for businesses that revolve around reservations and order placements. It’s a win-win situation for both the business owners and the customers, both of whom are just looking for a less difficult journey. All this, thanks to website building platforms online.


While we can’t ignore the fact that website creation is useful to meet objectives, there are those times when there just isn’t a specific objective to meet.

Build a website without coding

Therefore, website building platforms online can help you do just about anything, really. With endless possibilities and routes, designs and templates to choose, and search engine optimization at your hands, dabbling and learning the ins and outs of a website building platform is like playing a fun choose-your-own adventure. But unlike those books, you’re actually learning a new skill the longer you tinker with the platform.

If you’re a freelancer with a plethora of skills or are the six above types of people combined, then there is no reason to not fiddle with a website building platform and make yourself known. With social plug-ins, online marketing, and forums, you can build a relationship with the online community and expand your name and reach everywhere.

So, whether you’re an artist looking to make your own portfolio, a blogger in need of a blog, a client who wants to show the world your products and services, or just little old you looking for a new hobby and skill to learn, these website building platforms do not discriminate and lessen the difficulties of creating a big, impactful, digital presence for all.

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