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Software Engineers for Online Casinos — What are They All About?

Software engineers for online casinos are also responsible for making sure that the software for a live casino is fair

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Software Engineers


Software engineers are some of the most important figures working in our modern, online world. In simple terms, their role is to apply the principles of software engineering to the evaluation, development, maintenance and design of computer software. The term hasn’t always been widely used. Before the 1970s, software engineers were generally referred to as computer programmers, software developers or computer scientists.

There’s still some debate around the name, with individuals with a similar skill set preferring the terms developer or programmer. Whatever the case may be, the role of software engineer is vastly important to an online company, and have a foundational impact on keeping everything running smoothly. Interestingly, it was computer scientist Margaret Hamilton who popularised the term during her work on the Apollo term.

In an interview she says: “It was a memorable day when one of the most respected hardware gurus explained to everyone in a meeting that he agreed with me that the process of building software should also be considered an engineering discipline, just like with hardware”

Most software engineers will have a Bachelor’s degree, usually in a related field like a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Many employers prefer entry-level experience, which is why software engineers may have participated in internships either during or after graduating. Many software engineers choose to continue their training while working, as the industry evolves.

Game engineers

Like in other professional industries, many software engineers have a specialisation or sector they work in. One of the most popular these days is in the gaming world such as the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) or the Macau online operators. A game engineer is responsible for developing networks and gaming programs, designing the games and creating their mechanical functions. It can be a difficult field to get in, but those that do are rewarded with a competitive salary and challenging job. It requires long working hours, and a real commitment to collaborating with a diverse team.

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As Brian Hook, an experienced gaming professional says of the job: “Most gamers get into games because they want to create games, and by ‘create’ they rarely think of ‘write random code’ or ‘make textures someone else tells me to make. It’s like joining a band thinking you’re going to help write songs, only to find that you’re responsible for setting up the drums and getting out of the way.”

It’s definitely not an easy job, but many game engineers discover that their love for the final product outweighs any difficulties they face in the process of making them.

What about online casino software?

With all the excitement of online casino games, including glitzy graphics and amazing bonuses, it can be easy to forget about the importance of software when it comes to the live casino experience. But all that makes a game great – from its framework, to payment methods, and game play itself – are the responsibility of software engineers to get right. And it can have a big affect on the online casinos if they aren’t investing in their software engineers; two of the biggest reasons why people stop visiting an online casino are long cashout times and poor site quality. It’s the role of a software engineer to ensure that games are loaded instantly, payments are processed fast and safely and customer service platforms work well. The rise in mobile phone usage has had a massive impact on the software engineer’s responsibility, as they need to ensure the software is responsive.

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Software engineers for online casinos are also responsible for making sure that the software for a live casino is fair. This is an incredibly important task, as live casinos depend on a fair system so that players can trust them with large sums of money. Software engineers work very hard to make sure all checks are in place so that users can access the website and play with confidence, knowing they aren’t being taken advantage of or fear that there’s a glitch in the system. And with the majority of online casinos open 24 hours a day, there always needs to be someone available to fix any problems that may arise.

Into the future

As online casinos grow in popularity, so does the responsibility and challenges that come with keeping live online casinos fair, and getting the software right. The role of software engineer will only expand to be able to face and provide solutions for any issues that may arise as more and more people access online casinos around the world. Either way, it’s an exciting job in an industry that’s experiencing massive amount of growth — and will only continue to become more lucrative as the years go on.

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