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Lab on Locale – BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Online Breathing Air Quality System!

So, at BAUER KOMPRESSOREN what do we do to assure you that the Breathing-Air produced by our compressors is always reliably pure?  Well, plenty! 

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AIR supports life.  It surrounds us. Normally odourless & colourless – – air is primarily made up of nitrogen & oxygen with small amounts of other substances such as argon, carbon dioxide, water vapour, various trace gases, and sometimes even “smog”. This is the air we breathe. Compress that air and it transforms to the product known as Breathing-Air. This too supports life – – during activities such as medical treatments, fire-fighting, sport diving, hazmat work, and so on.

Just as we are concerned with the purity of the water we ingest – – we are concerned about the purity of the AIR we breathe, be it naturally occurring or compressed. Besides pollutants that may be drawn from ambient air, a number of additional pollutants may be added during compression. These may include by-products such as lubricant vapours or odour. Let‘s talk for a moment about the origin of these nasty irritants or, in the case of carbon monoxide (CO), deadly substances. The source may be ambient air surrounding the compressor. It could be from cleaning solutions (VOCs) or even the pleasant smelling oven exhaust from nearby cooking (CH4, CO, and Hydrocarbons). Other risks include oxygen (O2) depletion resulting from leakage of an inert gas such as nitrogen (N), or hazardous levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) released by concentrated sources in the vicinity (e.g. dry ice). A poorly maintained compressor could itself produce a toxic oil mist. It is at the compressor outlet that purification processes are intended to prevent contaminated Breathing-Air from reaching you, the user.

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So, at BAUER KOMPRESSOREN what do we do to assure you that the Breathing-Air produced by our compressors is always reliably pure?  Well, plenty!  Besides cutting edge compression and purification technologies, we now introduce LabOnLocale-365®.


This ISO accredited & patented product, developed by U.S. based X-zam Labs, performs 2 functions:-

  1. We, at BAUER, strive to provide constant analysis at all times during compressor operation. LabOnLocale-365® analyses the Breathing-Air at five minute intervals, providing air quality data to as many personnel as required. In the event that the air does not meet regulations, an e-Alert is sent to those same individuals and the compressor circuit is interrupted as well. This provides for reliable, safe, Breathing-Air at all times.
  1. Most Breathing-Air regulations require periodic analysis, such as before/after compressor maintenance, and performed by an accredited laboratory. With LabOnLocale-365® that laboratory is attached right to your compressor, performing analysis on demand, within minutes, any time, and 365 days a year. No more need to send samples away or to wait for reports.

LabOnLocale-365® is offered in two configurations; factory integrated into the BAUER Unicus-4i or added as an aftermarket accessory for any Bauer model. Every LabOnLocale-365®, no matter which version, takes advantage of cloud technology where user settings can be adjusted, air quality data viewed, and air quality reports downloaded from anywhere and at any time.

There are a multitude of LabOnLocale-365® analytical configurations and regulations to which it can test. The typical Breathing-Air version can analyze for CarbonMonoxide (CO), CarbonDioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Oxygen (O2), Humidity (H2O), Nitrogen (N2), Oil Mist, and Particles. Proudly, the instrument can be tuned to test to nearly any worldwide ISO Breathing-Air regulation including NFPA-1989 & EN 12021.

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