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Can’t Find the Right Bra for You? 3D Modeling is the Solution

Yup, you can now engineer your bras to become a perfect fit.

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If you are having problems in finding the perfect bra for those irregular-shaped boobs of yours – perhaps your bra is too loose or too tight – there’s no need to fret now because the answer is here: 3D-modelled boobs to make you a better bra.

Yup! Because standard sizes of bras do not conform to most of the ladies’ breasts, 26-year-old Mona Zhang developed custom bras in her own company called Bra Theory. She even quit her job as a software engineer to dedicate herself in providing women with their perfect bras.

She thought of extending the limits of bra fitting to the present variables, band measurement and cup size, and ventured to a more mathematical approach to bras.

Photo via Bra Theory

This is where the 3D-modelled boobs come in – she creates a 3D model based on a certain number of measurements to take of a bust or chest to figure out what shape that is. She then flattens it out into a bra that fits.

Calling herself “Founder and Head Bra Engineer,” Zhang explained that three women could have the same cup size and band measurement, and yet breasts could still be positioned in three different ways across their chest.

Differences in boobs are the core of this innovation, like being broad and far apart, or narrower and closer together. There’s also the saggy.

Photos via Bra Theory

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No breasts are perfectly symmetrical, a study says, which means that you can be a ‘rightie’ or a ‘leftie.’ The customized bras by Zhang will somehow help you deal with this body asymmetry.

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Who said boobs, bras, and math can’t mix?

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