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HUSH Iced Weighted Blanket is a Godsend for the Restless

Simulating a real, gentle embrace

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What you need to know about HUSH iced weighted blanket

Insomnia is more common now than it ever was, keeping people of all ages from getting a good night’s rest. Lack of sleep is caused by a number of factors such as excitement for an upcoming event, extra caffeine in your system, or the desire to watch just one more episode of your favorite series. Some reasons, however, are much more complicated than that, like stress from work, an infrequent sleep schedule and poor sleeping habits, or medical reasons. Ultimately, all these reasons increase irritability and anxiety, leaving us tired mentally and physically. In retrospect, we should have taken naptimes seriously when we were kids.

While there are many solutions to sleeplessness (sleep medication, exercising 30 minutes before sleeping to tire yourself out, drinking chamomile tea, etc.), no solution is quite as comfortable and gets you ready for bed as the Hushed Iced Weighted Blanket. It may sound uncomfortable to lay underneath a blanket that is heavier than most but it’s anything but. Warm and cozy like a loving hug from an equally loving person, Hush’s weighted blankets aim to decrease anxiety and give any restless individual a good night’s sleep.


How does it work, exactly?

Hush Iced utilizes deep touch pressure therapy (DTP) to ease the body’s nervous system. Simulating a real, gentle embrace, this weighted blanket boosts the serotonin and melatonin (the hormones of sleep, relaxation, memory, mood, and learning) levels in the body, all the while keeping the levels of cortisol or “the stress hormone” at bay. Simple yet impactful and very much worthwhile, Hush’s weighted blanket is undoubtedly one of, if not the most scientifically augmented comforter in the world. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s snug, homey, and most of all, warm.

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But if you think the Hush Iced Weighted Blanket isn’t for you, considering it is summer after all, then think again. It’s not called Hush ICED Weighted Blanketed without a reason. Not only does it provide a warmth during cold nights, it also has an Ultra-Cooling Specialty Cover to chill you out when the summer sun heats things up. This balance in body temperature is important, especially when you consider that the body temperature decreases to initiate sleep, leaving your body at risk overheating even in the harsh, Philippine summer. Hush Iced does so with a lighter, cool-to-the-touch cover made proprietary bamboo and cotton to help clear sweat while still providing weighted relief.

Hush Iced Weighted Blanket is the perfect blanket that balances the warm, toasty embrace of a loved one and a cool comforter that shields you from the heat. This is extremely timely, especially with the premiere of a certain show about the union of fire and ice. The Hush Iced Weighted Blanket should also be there with you as you watch every night because not only will it keep you safe from the winter cold, it can also warm you up for the scary yet sad surprises and killer twists we all know and love.

With these benefits, it should come as no surprise that even the sleepless could find rest within the warm embrace of the Hush Iced Weighted Blanket. Ranging for 100-241 lbs. of warm and cool comfortable protection, this comforter is perfect for those with insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, sensory proceeding disorder, high body temperatures, and more. This is the perfect item to have and, unlike situational gifts, a blanket is all-inclusive and can be used in any of the house’s rooms.

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So whether you’re a student staying up late at night or the busiest bee in the office, you must never deny your body and mind a good night’s rest. Give it just what it needs (and wants) with the Hush Iced Weighted Blanket, now!

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