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Things I Realized As An Engineer When I Turned 25

Travel when you can

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Engineer life tips

As we get older, we’ll look back at the achievements we’ve made, the mistakes that honed us to be stronger, and the experiences that taught us to be what we are right now.

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As a young engineer, there are a lot of things I’ve learned in this journey of my life. So I’ve created a short list of things that I realized during these early years as a young professional.

#1 Don’t settle. If you’re absolutely sure it won’t make you happy, say no. You’ll just end up regretting, and it’ll make you feel even worse.

#2 Family First. Whether it’s your first family or the people you consider as family. Put them first, these guys will always, always have your back.

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#3 Good Friends are Priceless. You could have everything in the world, but it would mean nothing if you don’t have anyone to enjoy them with it. Keep your good friends as you get older.

#4 A good reputation is important. This is important! There will be people who may not like you, but they will give you respect. Respect is important, especially at work.

#5 Be Debt Free. Get out of debt as soon as you can! It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself.

#6 Travel when you can. Traveling will not only feed your wanderlust, but it will give you peace of mind from your toxic world. It will also give you memories that could give you great conversations one day.

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#7 Don’t believe everything you see. Don’t allow everything you see or hear influence you. Learn to be impartial, and research or learn what is true before believing any of it. This includes gossip and everything you see online.

#8 Invest in your future. Yep, I’m talking about getting an insurance, invest in stocks, mutual funds. There are a lot of choices. Choose an investment, unless you want to work forever.


#9 Take care of your health. This has been one of the most important realizations in my life! Your body doesn’t work like it used to. Go exercise, get annual check-ups, take care of your teeth—toothaches are the worst!

#10 Opinions are just opinions.  Don’t let others opinions of you change who you are.

#11 Experience is still the best teacher. Yes, it is. There are things you can’t learn from the four corners of a classroom, and experience is one of them. Savour every experience—both good and bad—and learn from them. You’re young, create a new technique or process, and make mistakes, be borderline foolish.

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#12 Don’t make decisions when you’re angry.  When you’re not in a reasonable state of mind, don’t make any decisions. It will only make everything worse.

#13 Value time. Time won’t turn back for you. So always make the most out of it.

#14 Always be kind. It will make you feel better. I promise.

#15 NO is a full thought. You don’t need to explain yourself to someone when you say no.

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  1. Your article is so insightful, straight to the point and very relevant. Great reading, keep up the good work and will anxiously wait for your next ones. Btw, am also an gineer (chemical engineer) based in Manila. God bless,

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