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Top 3 Highest Paying Electronics Engineering Jobs

Electronics Engineers might want to take note of these jobs...

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Engineering is the broadest field of STEM there is. It has so many branches and disciplines that you can major in, and often times crosses over with other STEM fields as well. Electronics engineering is just one of those branches. Electronics engineering is the field of engineering which deals with electrical components within devices and hardware components. It shouldn’t be confused with Electrical engineering, which, while it also deals with electrical components, focuses on large-scale electrical power systems.

Now, on to the big question: Which job titles of electronics engineering pay the highest? Well, with all the jobs they could possibly take, it’s pretty tough to answer that question. However, we’ve narrowed it down for you. Here are the 3 highest paying jobs for electronics engineers:

1) Senior Electronics Engineer/Technician

Source: Dissolve

A senior electronics engineer’s job is to solve difficult and complex problems involving various products, systems, and circuits. They’re responsible for creating, testing, and modifying new products and processes through thorough research.

They also need to check the product or processes’ possible flaws, and leave no room for error. Once an error is found, it’s their job to fix it, and it’s up to them how. They gather and analyze data through tests to see which area needs further improvement, and are involved in the product design, development, planning, and execution phases as well.

Senior electronics engineers earn about $103,000 per year ($8583 per month), but their salary can go all the way up to $132,000 per year ($11,000 per month).

2) Electronics Field Engineer

Source: LVD Group

Electronics field engineers, well, work in the field. Their primary purpose is to sell scientific, technical, and mathematical products that do some pretty complex functions for clients, universities, and organizations. Due to the complexity of these devices they need to pitch, they need to have an extensive knowledge on what the device/product does, how it works, and how to operate it, as well as how it will help the client and his needs in the long term.

They also need to create and compose formal presentations on the technical aspects of the product and its every detail and function. They also need to discuss with the client or organization what the equipment needs to operate.

Their salary is at around $117,000 per year ($9,750 per month), along with additional bonuses or commissions from the products they sold.

3) Staff Electronics Engineer

Source: Canadian Business

Finally, the staff electronics engineer deals with creating new products, designing them, and running several tests to make sure they’re 100% good to go to be released in the market. They’re responsible for watching over the manufacturing processes of various kinds of electronic equipment.

They work alongside senior electronics engineers to make though calculations for the creation and manufacturing of a product, as well as create new devices, circuits, hardware, and software.

Their salaries average at around $114,000 per year ($9,500 per month), though some corporate companies are willing to pay as high as $145,000 per year ($12,000 per month) for excellent employees.

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