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Turning Dead Corpse Into Diamond Jewelry is an Upcycling Extreme

Can you really convert the ashes of your grandma, husband or son into a diamond ring... and wear it?

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“The diamond’s evolution has ended” says the successful company behind the man-made diamonds now trending in the market. In the Forbes interview of the company’s leader, Harry Burl, he detailed how he have come up with the upcycling business idea and shared a quick overview of the company.

Source: man-madediamonds

In 2010, while looking for domains to purchase and engage lucrative ventures, he came across to a not yet registered domain – From there, he researched a lot about it and figured out to keep the domain for himself. After six years, he is running the most successful business in the diamond making industry in the country.

As we all know, diamonds are purely carbon based crystals and we can get it naturally from diamond mines mostly in Africa. But did you know that we can now make diamonds in the lab that are as pure as the natural ones?

Yes! You will need a carbon seed and blast them with hydrogen and methane gas to grow the crystal. Voila! Diamonds produced will be just like long lost twin of the mined ones! These synthetic diamonds can be grown in the laboratory for about eight to twelve weeks. Some say that these diamonds also cost 30 percent less than that of the natural ones.

But what if we say that they get these diamonds from the dead? Would you wear it?

Upcycling the dead to jewelry?

Harry Burl says that the company gets its feed from the cremated ashes from the funeral homes. Basically, we can extract carbon from our hairs and dead ashes. In fact, it is more economical and environment friendly especially to anti-mining movements. It is also more ethical than the blood diamonds made out of child labor and exploitation.

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Although creating diamonds from our loved ones is a sensitive market, Burl said that they have a special approach that us both intellectually and emotionally appealing when it comes to their customers. They are cautious in the process with the customer’s peace of mind as the uppermost priority.

Diamonds should be as pure as their own content, the company says.

They are also producing diamonds for wedding and engagement rings. You can also order a conflict free ring with no personal carbon ashes. Designs and orders of these diamonds are available on their website. And I can say that they really protrude adamantine luster.

Indeed, diamonds are forever.


Bette Davis: “These are my grandma, grand dad, my pop and dead husband”
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