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3 Tech Firms to Prove That Philippines is Ready to Have Its Own Silicon Valley

Is Philippine really ready for its own version of Silicon Valley?

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Silicon Valley in the Philippines?

It is without doubt that Philippines has a long and serious relationship with technology. Studies have revealed over the years that Filipinos are among the most connected in the world.

In 2001, the Philippines was hailed as the text messaging capital of the world, with more than 30 million text messages transmitted daily. That’s twice as many as in all of Europe. That number of daily SMS may have declined with the rising popularity of smartphones and Internet connectivity, but Philippines still hold the title as of posting.

To add to that, the country is now called the social media capital of the world. Filipinos use social media platforms at 53 hours a week, which is far from the global average of 42 hours.

It’s undeniable that social media has become the modern method of communication especially for Filipinos who have families working overseas.

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy (Silicon Valley in the Philippines)

While that reflects to Filipinos as great consumers of technology, the race also has the capacity to create and innovate. There are about 130,000 graduates of information technology and engineering annually equipped with skills in programming languages and mobile app creation.

Most of them work across industries, while some – the bold, the brave, and the inspired – build their own names by putting up companies and contributing to the Philippines’ version of Silicon Valley.

Here are 3 notable Filipino-made tech entities that have earned their names in the world of technology:


Paul Rivera and Dexter Ligot-Gordon, Filipino dudes who graduated from the University of California Berkeley, put up a company that has changed the recruitment landscape in the Philippines. Called Kalibrr, it is a platform that optimizes the hiring process of companies by using the cloud in assessing applicants and matching them to the right jobs.

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There, companies can have job postings for free and even search for candidates. They are only billed for as low as $1.12 or PHP50 per candidate once they accept the application. Different government agencies and big corporations in the country now use the app to connect with jobseekers.


RedFox Technologies, a division of Asian Technologies Computer Corporation, has produced many technologies both in computer and mobile. Now run by its managing director and CEO Andy Te, the award-winning company manufactures high-quality desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, AV systems, and e-readers.

Source: RedFox
Source: RedFox (Silicon Valley in the Philippines)

Other than the Philippines, RedFox is a relatively famous tech brand in Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan. That is no wonder as it got the Best Innovative Computer Brand in Q Asia in 2016 and is a consistent Super Brands Awardee from 2010 to 2015.

Xurpas Inc

Now considered as the largest consumer technology company in the Philippines, Xurpas started as a content provider to telecommunications operators. It widened its scope over the years and now provides products and services ranging from mobile casual games, messaging, web & mobile application development, enterprise solutions and systems architecture to HR services technology platforms.

As of posting, Xurpas is the largest listed consumer technology company in Southeast Asia with a market capitalization of over PhP30 billion. This was after they went public in the Philippine Stock Exchange in 2014 which expanded their reach in the region.  Now it has started its regional expansion in Singapore and Indonesia.

Source: Tech in Asia
Source: Tech in Asia (Silicon Valley in the Philippines)
Source: Adobo Magazine
Source: Adobo Magazine (Silicon Valley in the Philippines)

In 2015, its cofounder Nix Nolledo won PH Entrepreneur of the Year. He is the first from the consumer technology industry to get the award, which signals the growth of his industry in the country.

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Tech entities like these three will soon form the ambitious Philippine version of the Silicon Valley. That’s not really impossible now that a Digital Evolution Index (DEI) study by US-based Fletcher School at Tufts University revealed that the Philippines has been regarded as one of the “rapidly advancing countries” in the global digital topography.

Sources: Rappler | Tech in Asia

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  1. Not even close to a Silicon Valley, 3 companies spread apart doesn’t even come close to Davao’s Silicon Gulf, another poorly researched article. None of these companies super innovative at all.

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