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7 Cool Lights That Save Energy

Who says you can’t save the earth while still being fancy?

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Trying to convert to a “green” lifestyle isn’t easy. While it saves you more in the long term, the initial cost and effort you have to put into doing so can be a lot. So why not start small, say, energy efficient lighting? Not only do these save your electricity bill, but they can also look pretty cool and futuristic. Here are 7 awesome energy saving lighting that you should look into:

This color-changing toilet light

Source: Next Shark

If you want to conserve energy in your house, why not start in your bathroom? You can conserve energy anywhere, so why not? The IllumiBowl 2.0 is a soft glowing bathroom light automatically turns on once you enter the room, allows you to see what you’re doing when taking a dump in the middle of the night, and looks really cool.

A color-changing light-up faucet attachment

Source: Technobuffalo

Another great addition to your bathroom sink is the IllumiSink Light-Up Faucet Attachment, a fancy glow-light faucet attachment that changes color according to water temperature. It also doesn’t need to be charged or connected to anything, as it generates power from the running water.

These awesome floating outdoor lights

Source: Popular Science

When you’re just about to go home and it’s already dark, the PLAYBULB Smart Lights can light your whole lawn or garden up. They run purely on their own power, and can be used to light up anything outdoors – like driveways and paths. Also, these things are waterproof and can float, so they’ll light up any pool party. Lastly, you can control the brightness any time on your smartphone.

This smart Bluetooth light bulbs that can last up to 15 years

Source: Notey

Talk about long-lasting! The Kasa LED Low Energy Bluetooth Smart Bulbs can not only last for 15 years, but can also control up to 32 of these things via a smartphone app. What’s more is the whooping 16 million colors to choose from.

This decorative light strip

Source: Popular Science

The fun part about LED light strips is that they can be arranged to any shape or form, so you can basically use them for anything you want, from a kitchen worktop light to a decorative bedroom wall attachment. You also have total control over their brightness and color via an app.

More affordable smart light bulbs

Source: Notey

If you want something less outlandish and more practical, then this is for you. The Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb fits any regular light bulb attachment, except they use 90 percent less energy, saving you your electricity bill in the long run. The fact that you can again control their brightness and color via an app is also a huge plus.

A smart wall charger

Source: Citizen goods

Finally, this travel wall charger helps you save energy by splitting a single electrical outlet to another plug outlet plus 2 USB outlets, allowing you to charge 2 gadgets and plug in one more device, for the same amount of electricity. It’s also outlined with an LED night light, allowing you to see what you’re plugging in or out in the dark.


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