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Best Audio Listening Experience with Volant Headphones

It’s one solution for every audio listening occasion.

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Audio Engineered Headphones
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You hear the most amazing song in years on TV and as soon as you download the song, you can’t wait to hear it when you play it from your playlist. As soon as you press play, you feel disappointed because the audio quality of your headphones (or earphones) is just crappy. Sometimes, you have different listening devices for different set-ups. One for running, one for work and even one for traveling. Doesn’t that seem bothersome to you that you have to constantly change your headphones for different occasions?

Now here’s a headphone that could make your listening experience better and more convenient for you!

It’s an earphone. It’s a headphone. It’s a bluetooth device. It’s a 3-in-1 awesome listening experience. It’s the Volant headphones. 

To make sure you enjoy listening to your favorite songs as you change from one lifestyle to another, this headphone allows you to switch easily from using its earphone speakers to its headphone speakers as soon as you insert it under the “unique sliding wings”. It can also eliminate the noise surrounding you therefore you can intently listen to your favorite tracks as you zone out of the real world. Pretty cool, huh?

But how exactly does this device work? According to it its website, it says:

“By connecting the small in-earphones to the large headphones, audio signal is carried from your device through our patent pending nodes on the earphones into the large 40MM speakers in the over-ear headphones, giving unrivaled surround sound quality.”

Source: Volant Headphones via Kickstarter

You also have the option to go wireless via bluetooth or stay wired. Either way, it gives you the perfect comfort fit and high definition audio for your listening pleasure.

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Source: Volant Headphones via Kickstarter

Its cables are developed to be tangle free and have a long life – so that you don’t have to spend expensive earphones in the future. Each cable has a hi-def microphone, an in-line remote and an extra support at cable split.

This project was headed by Joshua Church, a 25-year-old British entrepreneur who quit the corporate life in Hong Kong to pursue his “passion for the intersection of product design and technology.”

With a goal to raise £100,000 by August 4, 2016 on Kickstarter, the Volant headphone aims to be a standout among hundreds of quirky Kickstarter project campaigns. If you want support them, visit their Kickstarter page. You can also pre-order on the website today.

Source: Volant Headphones via Kickstarter

Source: Volant Headphone via Kickstarter

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