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This Smart Speaker Knows How To Feel Your Mood

Moodbox speaker checks how you feel and plays music according to your emotions

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Smart Speaker

Everyone was completely hyped about the release of Amazon Echo and Google Home. Being able to control your speakers without touching it is now being the biggest thing in audio playback tech. But what if you got home from a harsh day, feeling all beaten up emotionally, and feel too broken to handle controls? Introducing Moodbox, the world’s first “emotion-sensing” smart speakers.

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Unlike Amazon Echo and Google Home, Moodbox is a smart speakers system that mainly focuses on music. Emi, the speaker’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, checks on your mood and finds the right music to fit your emotional state. It boasts a state of the art algorithm that tracks your sense of mind and studies your emotional habits. It’s the first of its kind to ever set foot on the market today and has gained more than its expected funding on Indiegogo.

For more details on the tech, see the video below.

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