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The World’s First Magnetic Levitating Turntable

This cool turntable allows your vinyl records to float in the air using MagLev technology.

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Some would say that turntables are a thing of the past, because music can now easily be accessed on the Internet. But others just like it classy with their vinyl records. The technology has not been updated so much since the gramophone, except that time the records were tried to be played vertically, until now – this turntable is already levitating.

Source: MAG-LEV Audio/Kickstarter

Called the MAG-LEV Audio, the world’s first levitating turntable brings the feeling of zero gravity as you play music in your room. It has the futuristic feel to it – thanks to the subtle orange lighting and hip design –  which enhances the listening experience of vinyl records. Its design is focused on high quality sound and innovation, which is a match made in heaven.

Source: MAG-LEV Audio/Kickstarter

The first levitating turntable comes with a pre-fitted tonearm and cartridge, allowing you to connect through a phono in. it also has a 33,3-rpm and 45-rpm switching feature with just a  turn of a button. That comes with a 45-rpm adapter so all types of records could be tucked in the turntable.

All you have to do is grab your favorite vinyl record, turn the music machine on, move the tone arm into position and lower the cueing lever. Voila! You can enjoy the music from your amazing floating turntable.

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