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Guide To Choosing The Best Automated Forex EA

The best-automated Forex robots often have a few things in common, the aspects that make them the best

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Guide To Choosing The Best Automated Forex EA


The best-automated Forex robots often have a few things in common, the aspects that make them the best. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best automated Forex EA there are certain considerations to be made in order to choose the right robot and also avoid simple mistakes when utilising these trading robots.

The following are some of the aspects or criteria that you must consider, and best automated Forex robots typically perform well in these criteria.

Trading Strategy

Best Forex expert advisors will either come equipped with a pre-programmed trading strategy or let you customise and put a strategy based on your trading necessities. You can also check to see how many strategies can be employed and which platform the Forex robot compatible is with as well as how many assets it can trade. Also do check if the robot incorporates scalping or hedging strategies. Quality EA systems must be adaptive and can utilise studies or signal to find data as well as being adaptive with charting packages in combination with other indicators. Best Forex EA should also be able to allow you to set stop-loss and take-profit parameters in combination with the default settings.

Price and the fund policy

Forex EAs performance cannot be entirely assessed by the cost of the software because an expensive robot is no parameter or indicator for being exceptionally good. But there are ways to understand the worth of an EA by studying the price offered by the robot’s vendor and whether it provides value for the buying cost. Also, make sure to check if the provider offers a free trial and if there exists any refund policy for unsatisfied users. The best automated Forex robots will have no hidden fees or charges.

Risk settings

Another criterion where the best of Forex EAs typically perform well is the risk settings. The best of Forex EAs typically have risk classification including balanced, conservative, or aggressive. This provides users with many choices.

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For those who are not aware of this time, the drawdown is the difference between the highest value of your trading account and the next lowest point that trading capital gets too. The essence of measuring the drawdown of a Forex robot is to understand whether it subjects the account to high risk in its mission to achieve its profit goals. Based on per-trade, a property functioning FX robot must not place a position that forces an account to go highly negative before the market turns and puts a trade back in profit. If a trader’s account is too small to handle such wide dip-recovery cycles, then there can be an occurrence of losses.

Trades can end up being closed permanently as there is no capital to give the trades room to pull through. Consecutive drawdown counteracts the principles of lesser risk, greater award. The ratio between risk and reward or the Risk-Reward Ratio (RRR) for every trade should ideally start from 1:3. This translates to 1 pip for a reward of 3 pips and at this ratio; it takes three losing trades to wipe off profits from a winning trade. The best Forex robots should be competent enough to enter trades only when the minimum RRR is met. If consecutive drawdowns are big then this target will not be met, and the traders’ account will surely suffer.

Reputation and Reviews

Every FX robot must be scrutinised well when it comes to its reputation and review. The best automated Forex robots happen to have great reviews by verified users on the web and on social media platforms. To understand its reputation, you can do a thorough background check and figure out aspects such as how long it has been in the market, user experiences, etc.

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Backtesting is a process where the Forex robot is subjected to historical price data and market conditions to perceive how well it would have stood up to previous trade scenarios. The first step towards knowing if the automated Forex trading robot has the capability of being successful is by subjecting it to backtests.

Keep the above-mentioned aspects in mind before investing in a Forex robot. If your preferred Forex robot performs well in these criteria is then it is worth investing in.


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