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A Hypercar Beyond Hypercars: Project Chaos & the Visionary Engineer at the Helm

A number of extreme hypercars have been unveiled in recent years, but Project Chaos stands out from the crowd

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A Hypercar Beyond Hypercars



The first hypercar to be made in Greece has been unveiled. Spyros Panopoulos is preparing to launch Project Chaos, a car so powerful that he claims it goes a step beyond the hypercar: this, he says, is an ‘ultracar’. Supercars, hypercars, megacars and ultracars are all impressive feats of engineering that help shape the future, but what’s special about Panopoulos’ vision, and why is Project Chaos different.

Introducing Project Chaos

Project Chaos will be available in two versions. Both models have a 4 liter V10 engine made up of 40 valves and 20 injectors, and heavily featuring titanium in their design. The first variant will contain two 68mm carbon turbos reaching 2000 hp and a limit of 11.000 rpm. The second will be paired with two 78mm carbon turbos, which will reach a staggering 3000 hp and have a limit of 12.000 rpm. The connecting rods and pistons in the first variant will be made from titanium; in the second variant, these components will be carbon fiber. This version is expected to reach a speed of 500+ kmh, placing it in competition with the leading models for speed.

Perhaps what’s most surprising about Project Chaos, however, is that Panopoulos intends it to be not a racing car, but an everyday city car. “We want it to be suitable for the everyday commute and for all categories of drivers,” he said. This is potentially a game-changer for the auto industry, and customers could see cars like this on professional industry analysis pages and review sites when searching for everyday vehicles in the future.

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A Visionary Engineer

Spyros Panopoulos has an impressive back catalog, holding records in dragster racing with his own custom-built cars. He has built a 2000 hp Lamborghini and, most recently, completely rebuilt an EVO entirely on his own. The initial vision behind Project Chaos was to create a car for himself — he had no intention of marketing a hypercar. His view that the term ‘hypercar’ is widely misunderstood and his belief that current hypercars are lacking, however, led him to build a car that would show the world the true potential of the hypercar.

A Dedicated Team

Project Chaos is entirely built by nine engineers, using parts custom-made in house. The majority of auto manufacturers use parts from other companies, but Panopoulos’ company, Spyros Panopoulos Automotive, prides itself on its engineering capabilities. Every part, from the exhaust to the turbos is made in-house. The entire Spyros Panopoulos Automotive team is currently just 22 people strong, with nine engineers entirely dedicated to Project Chaos. However, once production of the car begins, it is expected that the company will expand significantly.

A number of extreme hypercars have been unveiled in recent years, but Project Chaos stands out from the crowd. Not only is it a spectacular feat of engineering, but it represents a respect for craftsmanship and design that is rarely seen in the industry, and it clearly illustrates the ambitious vision of a man determined to show the world what a hypercar really is.


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