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Don’t Buy a Hybrid Vehicle Before Reading this Article!

Most countries are set to make a switch from conventional cars to hybrid and electric vehicles by 2030

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Hybrid Vehicle

Sales of hybrid vehicles have drastically increased in the first quarter of 2019. This is a clear indication that most people are starting to entertain the idea of owning hybrid cars that are both fuel-efficient and emit minimal carbon.

Most countries are set to make a switch from conventional cars to hybrid and electric vehicles by 2030. Some of these countries include India, Ireland, China, amongst others. With this change just about a decade to go, it’s expected that most people will start to purchase hybrid cars. Before you visit your dealership and acquire your hybrid vehicle of choice, you ought to learn as much about these cars as possible.

Here are a few important aspects you should know:

How Green is a Hybrid Car?

Most buyers will go for a hybrid car as opposed to a conventional car because the hybrid car is environment-friendly. However, just how green are the hybrid cars?

Hybrid cars typically use half the amount of gas used by conventional vehicles. This means that their carbon emission is also approximately half compared to the emission produced by other cars. Therefore, hybrid cars reduce the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxide, and nitrous oxide.

Other Incredible Features

  • Smaller and more efficient engines
  • They’re built with lighter materials to increase their efficiency
  • They’re fitted with low-resistance tires to reduce drag.
  • Periodic shutting off: When you’re in traffic, and you need to stop, instead of idling, the engine periodically shuts off. Once you put the gear back, the car automatically starts. This reduces the energy spent and also helps in conserving the environment.
  • Regenerative braking technology: In conventional cars, the energy used while braking is wasted as heat. However, in a hybrid car, the motor system converts the energy and stores it in the battery.
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Types of Hybrid Cars

  1. Parallel Hybrid

These are the hybrid cars whose battery is powered by the engine. The electric engine powers the car up to 14mph and can go for up to approximately 1.5 miles. The parallel hybrid vehicles are very efficient when you’re driving in the city. As you accelerate, the engines pick up from the electric motor and powers the car when you’re driving at a higher speed.

  1. Plug-in Hybrid

The plug-in models can be charged by both the engine and an outlet source. They have a bigger battery and can, therefore, drive for longer than parallel hybrid cars. Just like the parallel hybrid cars, the car runs off electricity when driving at a low speed. Once you start to speed up, it runs on both gas and electricity.

Plug-in hybrid cars are generally more expensive than other hybrid vehicles because:

  • Their battery capacity is bigger to store more power, especially since they can be charged from an outside source.
  • Their batteries are smaller in size to save in space and also allow the car to have more aesthetic features. Their batteries, unlike other hybrid vehicles, aren’t made of the rechargeable nickel-metal hydride. Instead, they’re made of lithium-ion, which makes it possible for them to be smaller in size.

All in all, there are plenty of auto loan lenders listed on crediful offering very affordable deals to help you purchase the hybrid car of your choice.

  1. Range Extender Hybrid

The range extender hybrid cars run entirely on electricity. They only use their diesel/petrol powered engine to recharge the batteries.

Before you get a range extender vehicle, ensure you know the size of the battery. The larger the capacity of the cells, the more power the car has.

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Hybrid Car

  1. Your traveling needs

If you need to travel within the city, a hybrid car would be ideal since it will help you cut down on fuel money. However, if you travel for long distances daily, you might as well go for conventional cars. Hybrid cars aren’t as fuel convenient when you need to travel for long-distance and at high speed.

  1. Your State

In the Obama era, there were a lot of incentives when buying a hybrid car. However, today, some states have increased the taxes associated with hybrid vehicles. Therefore, ensure that you do due diligence before purchasing the vehicle.

  1. Knowledge on the car maintenance

Hybrid cars are only now becoming popular in the market. They’re being upgraded every other day. It’s making it a challenge for mechanics who’re experienced in them to keep up with all the updates. Therefore, make sure you know where you’ll be taking the car for maintenance for it to serve you for long.

In conclusion, the primary reason people are turning to hybrid cars is to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. However, if it isn’t as convincing for you, consider the fact that, since hybrid vehicles use less gas, the global demand for gas will reduce. This will consequently reduce the cost of gas. In the long run, these effects will lower the cost of producing other items that use fossil fuels for production.

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