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The Fastest Garden Shed Car

A blood curdling speed of 70.77 MPH

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Fastest Garden Shed Car

Kevin Nicks from Oxfordshire England may have an answer to the automobile industry’s air pollution woes in the light of the global emission scandal!  Sniffing the stale air from his VW Passat station wagon automobile, he had the bright idea of converting it into a garden shed!

Source: Oxfordmail

Given that most garden sheds spend their lives, in gardens, and usually stationary (hurricanes notwithstanding), Mr. Nicks decided to have a crack at a world record. Now you would think that having a family car converted into a garden shed would probably qualify it, but sadly someone else piped him at the post. There was already a standing record for the taking. A speed record for motorized automobile sheds would you believe? The current record holder managed to hurl their shed at the horizon at a blood curdling speed of 58.41 mph.

Source: Landscape Juice

A mere bagatelle-thought Mr. Nicks, from Oxfordshire, had already managed to motivate his bluff fronted timber box well past that speed. This brings us to Elvington airfield near York where all sorts of wacky racers come to topple records. The Nicks shed lined up next to a jet powered shopping trolley along with a host of motorcycles contesting the World Wheelie Championship, which for those of you who are interested was won by a lunatic named Gary Rothwell. He shot down the course on one wheel at 197.88 MPH! In comparison, the taking of the crown for the world’s fastest shed, at a mere 70.77MPH seems decidedly tame. We believe no garden gnomes were hurt in the process. Mr. Nicks now has a place in the Guinness World Record books. Till next year anyway?

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