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Philippines: Home of the World’s Largest Classic Car Restoration

But why Philippines?

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Classic Car Restoration in the Philippines


The largest collection of the classic Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes and other premium cars for restoration may thought to be in the United States, maybe even United Kingdom, Australia or in UAE.

But never would come into the mind that the world’s largest classic car restorer is found in the Philippines, now on the former US airbase now Clark Freeport Zone.

Philippines is where Australian businessman Jim Byrnes established the Byrnes Motor Trust Restoration facility a few years ago.

He chose the location because of the skills and dedication of the workers, the affordable but efficient restoration of his growing classic car collection, and more importantly, Clark in the province of Pampanga is a tax-free zone.


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Source: Malcolm McKay via The Telegraph

What that means for Byrnes is that he can import cars, restore and export them without paying taxes, except for the tax on profit made in restoring them.

He said that the economy and tax advantages in the Philippines allowed him to turn commercially nonviable projects into very profitable ones.

Byrnes started with 35 project cars to be restored. He expanded the space and improved on R&D; in two years, he was able to finish 400.

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Jason Lemberg, the company’s chief executive, moved to the Philippines from California to join BMT.

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He has reputable work in car restoration at Symbolic Motors where he is from, winning “best in class” twice at Pebble Beach.

He is impressed with the passion and attention to detail of the Filipino workers.

He said, “There’s a worldwide shortage of good metalworkers and the locals are incredible. We’ve got 45 female workers, too, from mechanics to metalworkers.”

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The classic car restoration company has already agreed to train a mechanical, technicians and engineering team for a new museum of classics in China.

But for now, Filipino workers take pride in producing world-class classic car restoration services.

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  1. Hello,

    I’ve written to the boss of your company before. My wife & I are making a trip to Clark City and I wish to come to your showroom on Monday, 20 Feb at 2pm to discuss about the purchase of a classic car from your company and export to Singapore.

    Kindly advise on the person who will be attending to us. Meanwhile, I appreciate if you can forward the latest stock of new upcoming cars that you are restoring.

  2. Hallo, ich Interessiere mich für eine Restauration an einem Lincoln Continental 1964 Convertibel wo kann und muss ich mich dran wenden bitte um Nachricht.
    Vielen dank!
    Mit freundelichen Grüßen Erol

  3. I am so interested and excited to come to the Philippines to visit the site and see cars and hopefully somehow get involved, I myself have two old timer cars Jaguar XK and E-type, that is why I am so interested and maybe learn if I can spend my retirement in the Philippines engaging to such activity or business.
    Please let me know if I can be allowed to come and visit, I am really surprised and so enthusiast upon learning the biggest old timer restoration is in the Philippines where I have been couple of times.

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