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The Ultimate Guide to Equipping Your Car for Roadside Emergencies

List of tools, gadgets and gizmos that you will need for a roadside emergency

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Roadside Emergencies


Roadside emergencies are a fairly common occurrence. They could be due to flat tires, something going wrong with the car battery or some other kind of issue. To make things worse, these problems often occur when there is little to no help around.

Modern cars may be incredibly sophisticated, but there are still tools that you can use to fix smaller issues. In doing so, you just may be able to handle your task by yourself. At the very least, you can get a head start on the problem.

So, on this note, here are some of the gadgets, tools, and gizmos that can help you out in a pinch:

Roadside Emergency LED Lights

These gadgets belong on the top of your list. This, of course, is because they make you more visible to other vehicles. Such a tool is especially important if you break down on a small or winding road. Warning other drivers to give you a wide berth will prevent further accidents.

Unlike the days of old, it is best to invest in LED lights. For one thing, they tend to be more visible, especially at night. Make sure to place these lights on the front, back, and side of your car. You should also place one on the roof of your vehicle – this will warn drivers from a greater distance away.

Car Diagnostic Tool

So, your car has stalled, is making a funny noise, or the Check Engine light is blinking at you. Sure, all of these are clear indications that something is wrong with your vehicle. What isn’t as apparent, though, is what the problem is!

Well, this is where a car diagnostic tool comes in. These can be plugged into any vehicle built after 1996 – so, even if you have an older model, this tool will come in quite handy. Once it is plugged in, this little device will use code to tell you precisely what is wrong with your car.

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Of course, you need to translate this code. Some tools come with their own third-party software, while others don’t. In case your diagnostic tool isn’t equipped with a manual, you can simply type in the code into an online search engine and figure out what the problem is.

Tire Pressure Checker and Pump

More often than not, the issue is with your tires. You may accidentally puncture the tire while driving or it is possible to forget that you need to inflate the tires. Either way, you need to pull over and handle the problem.

Now, the first thing you will need in such a scenario is a tire pressure checker. After all, you should make sure that the tire is being deflated. Keep in mind, an overinflated tire can be just as dangerous as one that doesn’t have enough air.

This digital tool is readily available and simple to use. You can have your answer within a few minutes. In case you want to cut down on any hassle even further, consider getting Bluetooth pressure checkers. These will stay connected to the tires at all times. And, if the pressure does begin to drop, you will receive an alert via your smartphone.

If there does appear to be an issue with the pressure, inflate the tire. For this purpose, you can use an electric pump. These will monitor the inflation rate and the tire pressure. Thus, it will be easy for you to turn the device off once the desired pressure has been reached.

Car Battery Charger

If you are like most vehicle owners, you will have experienced the car battery dying on you at least once. It is even possible for the battery to die while you are driving! In the past, you would have been stuck until you were able to flag down some help.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put yourself at the mercy of total strangers. This is because portable car batteries are available. For the best results, you will need to choose the best car battery chargers. With the help of these, you will be able to jumpstart your car yourself.

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Thus, it is a good idea to keep one of these gadgets in the trunk of your car, particularly when you are covering long distances or heading to a remote spot.

GPS Tracker

As you can probably attest, you can’t always fix car problems by yourself. On certain occasions, you will need the help of an expert or a mechanic. Due to this, you need a device that can help others find your location more easily.

Do you like to go on long drives or road trips? Perhaps you enjoy heading to remote areas. If either of these things is true, then you should get a GPS tracker for your vehicle. Now, you may be wondering why this is necessary. After all, aren’t there apps for this service?

Yes, but they may not be as powerful or as accurate as GPS trackers. Getting a more reliable tracker ensures that you can pinpoint your location exactly. This will come in handy when you need to get help or alert someone to your exact location.

With more sophisticated trackers, you can even provide a spouse or a friend with access to your location. Thus, even if you are unable to get help, you can have peace of mind knowing that others know exactly where you are.

These are the gadgets and gizmos that you will need for roadside emergencies. It doesn’t matter how modern or sophisticated your vehicle is, these tools will always come in handy. Furthermore, they will help you feel more independent and capable of dealing with any situation that comes your way.

Due to this, you should certainly invest in these gadgets. It is just as important to make sure that these are in the trunk of your car every time you leave home. You can guarantee that you will be glad you made this effort.


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