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These Two Words Can Increase an Engineers’ Chance to Be Hired in LinkedIn

If you write these two words in your LinkedIn profile, you are most likely to receive 4 to 5 e-mails in a week from recruiters.

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Job hunting can be really difficult for some, sending countless applications to companies here and there but not getting a job. Even in LinkedIn, one of the world’s largest online job application platforms, the odds of being hired are low if employers do not see the potential that you are the right person they are looking for.

While the situation can improve by acquiring more skills and overhauling the resume, some engineers do not feel that this situation is difficult. Especially for those involved in self-driving cars.

In an article written by the Wall Street Journal about the future plans of automaker Ford, it stated that engineers who put “autonomous vehicles” on their LinkedIn profile can expect to receive four to five e-mails a week from recruiters. Yup, only those two words.

Source: Venngage

But to be eligible about mentioning that keyword, engineers have to back it up with work experience or backyard projects. If you have any, many companies would like to get you on board.

The demand of engineers specializing in autonomous vehicles comes after companies racing towards the full development of such technology.

Wired Magazine has mapped 263 companies working on different areas of self-driving cars including services, safety & security, in-car intelligence and assistance, autonomy, infrastructure-connected car, intelligent manufacturing, and onboard sensors. More companies are expected to emerge, while some of the 263 are predicted to give up eventually.

Source: Comet Labs via WIRED

Meanwhile, there are companies which, if cannot find talent, acquire their rivals. Such is the case of General Motors, who bought Cruise Automation for about $1 billion including the 40 employees of the startup.

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But for Uber, it only takes some trade to take about 50 engineers of Carnegie Mellon University’s robotics department and install them in the company’s Pittsburgh research center. When the hiring became successful in 2015, the school got $5.5 million in return.

No matter, if you are an engineer who works with self-driving cars, you know what to do with your LinkedIn profile and get yourself a good deal.

Sources: Quartz | WIRED

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