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World’s Fastest Car Speeds at 1,000mph

The world’s most powerful car, Bloodhound SSC, measures around 13.5 meters in length and weighs 7.5 tons.

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The world has finally got the name of the fastest car from across the globe. A team of British engineers has finally unveiled the name of the world’s most powerful car, Bloodhound SSC. Intended to reach the speeds of over 1,000mph, the pencil-shaped car, powered by a jet engine and a rocket engine, looks like a rocket-on-wheels.

The car measures around 13.5 meters in length and weighs 7.5 tons. It can also be said to be the most powerful land vehicle ever built for its dual rocket and jet engines that boosts at 135,000bhp.  While its predecessor, Thrust SSC, hits just 763mph, the team working on Bloodhound intends to push it beyond 1,000mph.

The fastest car ever built (Source: Giphy)

The wheels of the car are quite different. As quoted by Bloodhound’s Engineering Lead for Mechanical Design, Mark Elvin, “They spin at 10,500rpm, which means that the radial G on the rim is 50,000 times the force of gravity. So a 1 kilo weight on the rim weighs 50,000kg – 50 tons – at maximum running speed.” To strengthen the product, the team has used a long, thin cylinder of aluminum to forge the wheels.

The fastest car ever built (Source: BLOODHOUND SSC – 1,000 mph car)

A thrust of 30kN (6,000 lbs) each will be provided by Nammo hybrid rocket to accelerate the car to 1000mph. This will be combined with the thrust from the EJ200 jet to generate about 212kN (47,700lbs). The number equates the eight times of the total power of all the cars on a Formula 1 starting grid. The Nammo rocket was planned to be used in place of the Falcon Project rocket, which proved the concept of using a hybrid rocket in Bloodhound. However, the design of the Nammo rocket is still being finalized, but it is likely to have a cluster of four or five motors rather than a single large combustion chamber.

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The fastest car ever built (Source: Bloodhound SSC)

The team planned a runway testing of up to 200 miles per hour (320 km/h) in early 2016. The product will be tested on the Hakskeen Pan in the Mier area of the Northern Cape, South Africa where a track 12 miles (19 km) long, 2 miles (3.2 km) wide has been cleared. Stay tuned for more awesome rocket car updates!

The fastest car ever built (Source: Guinness World Record)

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