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The Best Tech Launches Of 2017 To Date

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The year 2017 has been filled with a whole lot of tech launches that left the world in awe. These breathtaking advances in tech not only have jaw-dropping design, but also have great functionality. We’re also including things that sparked so much hype that everyone knew about it. Here’s our top list of the best tech releases in 2017, so far.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Source: CNET

After the scary news of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries blowing up to smithereens, the tech giant released a new phone, the S8, and got back on its feet. The phone had a longer battery life, a better camera, and a visually appealing screen for starters. And while people are still arguing about the placement of the fingerprint sensor, it still is a big hit for Android fans all over.

iPhone X

Source: MacRumors

While most people think that the iPhone 8 release was just a publicity stunt to spark some hype into the iPhone X, we can’t deny that the news of it shook the world. The phone was a huge leap towards advancement from the creators at Apple. Yes, the price tag is scary to look at, but the better features including the all-front screen are well worth what the Apple fans paid for it.

Here One by Doppler Labs

Source: Headphones SG

Imagine having a universal volume control to mute or enhance sounds all around you. That’s the main goal of Doppler Labs on their release of the Here One. If you’re in a place where everything is noisy, a simple control will allow you to better manage general background noises. While it’s still not able to tune down specific noises, it’s a great step forward for audio technology.

SpaceX Falcon

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Source: Inverse

Space exploration is old news. We’ve launched multiple rockets to space, yes, but the sad thing is all of said rockets plummet into the Earth in the form of scrap metal. That’s why the recent “re-launch” of SpaceX Falcon 9 broke headlines as it’s the first rocket that’s ever been launched and reused. What SpaceX hopes to achieve is the concept of reusable rockets. This could allow space agencies to lower their costs dramatically in the future.




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