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Bienville Legacy: The American Superbike

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Bienville Legacy is a motorbike that has shocked everybody. The bike has a special suspension system. According to the creators it is more than just any ordinary bike. It highlights the return of superb craftsmanship in America. The intricate craftsmanship and artistry of this motorbike makes the bike deserving of the title “Most  powerful luxury superbike motorcycle”. The price? An eye popping $350,000!J.T. Nesbiit is the designer, responsible for the creation of this unique and breathtaking superbike motorcycle. When the famous entrepreneur Jim Jacoby sold his company, he had a huge amount of money along with some dreams that he wanted to fulfill. One of his dreams was to renovate the concept of master craftsmanship in the state of America. This led him to create organizations known as the American Design and Master Craft Initiative.He built a metallic giant that was supposed to have strength like Thor’s. This motorcycle did not look like any ordinary bike. Your eyes would be instantly glued onto its powerful frame. It has a small yet majestic leather saddle, a shining steel tube spine, an underbelly built for the fuel storage and the carbon girder for the system of suspension. The bike gave the feeling that everything will last more than thousand years.And who was the right choice to build this masterpiece? J.T. Nesbitt, of course! Nesbitt was the appropriate craftsman for the construction of this project. He definitely made this motorcycle happen!According to the arrangement between Jacoby and Nesbitt, Nesbitt had the freedom and was given all the required resources for designing and building every piece of ADMCi. Thus, the Bienville Legacy was born!The superbike has an engine of 1650cc Motus MV4. This gives an output of about 185HP. Nesbitt has also added a centrifugal supercharger of Rotrex that will augment the power to above 300HP.Both the girder front end and the swingarm of the rear have identical carbon composites. The built-in adjusters of the motor are used as chain adjusters. With all of these complicated processes, can you believe that everything was built by hand? Amazing!And this is Jacoby and Nesbitt’s answer to the question, “What would you build if you have all the time and money in the world?”

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