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Ride The World’s First Self-Charging E-Bike

Self-changing bike: Never worry about charging your bike’s batteries again

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Electric bikes (E-Bike) have given you the option for extra propulsion for that surge of speed when biking along highly urbanized areas.

It’s always good to be relieved of pedaling duties every once in a while but it’s such a real hassle when your battery decides to run out.

That’s why this new project from Kickstarter is sure to be the only bike that you’ll ever need.

Source: VELLO BIKE via YouTube

The VELLO bike is the brainchild of Valentin Vodev.

The award-winning industrial designer has been developing various modes of urban transportation on commission or through his own initiative for well over 10 years – from research and prototyping to the actual production of the commercially mature product.

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Thanks to the use of four efficient sensors and the unique KERS technology (kinetic energy recovery system) commonly used in the car industry, and specifically in Formula 1 racing, surplus energy created when braking or riding down an include of 1% or more, flows back into the system with extreme efficiency and is activated only when it’s needed.

In that way, it keeps its charge level constant in the lowest of the six pedal assistance modes. As a result, it offers 100% recuperation and an infinite range. Its light weight also helps to make the VELLO BIKE+, with the five-second fold, the perfect companion in the city.

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When it’s set in the mode for maximum engine performance and conventionally charged, the 160-Wh battery lasts for approximately 50km in full-power mode, depending on the riding style.

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VELLO BIKE+ is an upgrade to the original project created by Vello which is marketed as the world’s first self-charging electric bike.

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If that’s not enough to entice you, their bikes are also foldable up to four times smaller than its original size for extra portability.

The bike charges itself with each pedal you make, making you able to ride your heart out without ever having to recharge.

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The project still has 28 days to go but has already more than 170% of its funding goal.

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