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BECOSAN Makes a Difference in Industrial Flooring

Many specialists require that warehouses or industrial buildings dedicated to laboratories or food producers, adapt their surfaces to the mandatory hygiene standards

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Most of the warehouses, factories and industrial surfaces in general, suffer deterioration due to their use, the high traffic they have and the materials from which they are made.The vast majority of these are made of concrete and soon after they are installed, they begin to generate dust from wearing out, while they accumulate cracks and wear, so they must be constantly restored and maintained, causing unnecessary expense to companies.

Anti-dust solution for concrete floors

Currently, the market has modern and functional alternatives, derived from experience and study, which provide greater durability, surface hardness, resistance to use and impact, which extend the life of these, significantly reducing the cost of maintenance. Polished concrete floors are preserved over time and give the impression of renovation and cleaning of the floor of your deteriorated industrial warehouse.

This new technique of refurbishing industrial floors can turn that dusty floor of your industrial building, shopping centre, supermarket or floor into a shiny, dust-free surface of great hardness and durability, as well as making it resistant to wear and tear. This system is very easy to implement and apply to any concrete floor, and is specially created for floors that have to withstand high traffic, both people and industrial vehicles and machinery, because it is extremely resistant and incredibly durable, which does not generate particles or break.

The magic of innovation

The BECOSAN® system was developed by Danish engineering in order to keep the factories and industrial floors clean and hygienic. This experience resulted in the two powerful components of the system, the BECOSAN® Densifier and the BECOSAN® Protective Sealer.

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The first is used on the surface of concrete, prepared to receive this layer of hardener, which penetrates to the core of the floor, binding in molecular form to the concrete, compacting and hardening the surface, increasing its resistance and preparing it to be polished.

The second layer is a technical sealant, which protects the treated floor and allows a clean and elegant polishing, resistant to dust, oils, fats and any stain, making it impermeable to water and oily or chemical substances.

Where can I use BECOSAN

These products can be implemented on any floor that has to withstand constant use and a high impact routine, such as industrial facilities, mechanical workshops, production plants, wine or supply warehouses, parking lots and shopping centers, hospitals, industrial or office buildings, laboratories and chemical plants, stadiums or sports areas, airports, warehouses and train or bus stations. This system significantly reduces maintenance costs and protects the value of the investment.

It is simple to apply

The dimensions of an industrial building complicate the uniform application of any manufacturing technique, but in this case, the BECOSAN® Protective Sealer polished or trowelled concrete system allows the possibility of standardising the entire floor of an industrial building, easily making the investment profitable.

The process is very simple: the surface is stabilized, eliminating irregularities and unnecessary protrusions, a first layer of water-based, low-odour, transparent and environmentally friendly BECOSAN® Protective Sealer Densifier is added, which binds to the molecules of the concrete, giving it hardness, strength and sealing by density. This process is as simple as applying fast-drying paint, which consolidates in a short time. Then it is polished with a trowel.

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The result is then sealed with a layer of BECOSAN® Protective Sealer, which, as it is an impregnation and not a filmic surface like liquid vinyl, bonds to the very core of the concrete, providing unbeatable long-term results and giving the floor high reflectivity with matt, satin or gloss finishes.

A certified flooring solution

Many specialists require that warehouses or industrial buildings dedicated to laboratories or food producers, adapt their surfaces to the mandatory hygiene standards, so BECOSAN®, which is certified under several international norms and standards, in addition to the HACCP certification of Food Safety and Food Security Management, is the best option. More information can be obtained through its official LinkedIn, for better references, more information and adaptability of applications at all levels.

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