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How to Create a COVID-19 Proof Workplace

How to Get Your Workshop, Workplace and Business Establishment Ready

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COVID-19 Proof Workplace by CBK Hardware


Due to the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak, many countries in the world were forced to implement nationwide community quarantines or lockdowns in order to flatten the curve, weaken the virus’ influence, and prevent further spread. Needless to say, this is all a well and good health-relevant response to a global pandemic. However, one cannot deny that these lockdowns and temporary halt in operations of businesses and industries has negatively affected the global economy. Individuals with the means and resources to do so are working from home. Unfortunately, a greater number of blue-collar workers are still out there on the front lines reassuring the majority of people that their needs will still be taken care of.

Now, it has been more than a month of the various implementation of community quarantines around the world, and national governments have begun to steadily lift their mandatory lockdowns and slowly reintroduce people back into society by reopening various businesses and establishments. While it is definitely great news for workers who provide for themselves and their families, each and every one must always continue to be vigilant in regards to the potential spread of viruses, bacteria, or germs, in order to prevent a future outbreak.

COVID-19 Proof Working Environment

One way of being prepared is by being as clean as one can be. Gone will be the days of teasing germaphobes or neat freaks, as they had the right idea when the COVID-19 crisis struck. Regularly washing one’s hands with soap and water, rubbing alcohol, or hand sanitizer will do the trick, but there are also countless technologies that are undeniably helpful when it comes to making any work environment leagues cleaner than they were before.

Many of these machines are outfitted with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration technologies, which have multitudes of benefits. For instance, HEPA filtration helps improve indoor air quality by preventing the emission of contaminants and impurities back into the air. The lack of contaminants will also prevent allergies and asthma from triggering by eliminating smoke, mold, dust, pollen, and bacteria in the air.


COVID-19 Proof Office with the Right HVAC

Related to air, proper ventilation systems must be installed to ensure that air quality stays high, since microorganisms can easily be transmitted by HVAC units. This is especially true when they are poorly maintained or there is an insufficient number of air exchanges per hour in a room.

To combat this, HUNTER industrial HVLS fans, DETON Drum Fans, WESTINGHOUSE Electric Fans and Exhaust Fans are there to continuously supply any room of any establishment with clean, ever-circulating, high-quality air that is breathable without the threat of virus transmission.

COVID-19 Proof Workshop with Nilfisk

Another environment that is beloved by disease-carrying germs and bacteria is the floor upon which we walk. Shoes or socks may not necessarily give us enough protection from the microscopic pathogens festering in the space between the soles of our feet a  nd the floor. Having said this, it is required for business owners to invest in high-quality floor cleaners and prevent the potential spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

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Luckily, Nilfisk is on top of their game when it comes to hardcore floor cleaning, promising best practices for floor cleaning, environmental cleaning, and the disinfection of viral contaminants including SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.

These scrubbers and dryers are the machine-equivalent of frontliners against the pandemic. These machines create a more hygienic environment for patients, staff, and visitors to any establishment. One may not immediately think it, but floor cleaning is needed in the healthcare industry in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during patient treatment and recovery. They also provide reassurance of safety for staff and visitors. Truly, floors are, in fact, a big deal. To properly clean areas that are exposed to the virus, it is highly recommended that the removal of soiling be followed by speedy disinfection. A scrubber used with disinfectant provides a 2 in 1 clean more effective than other methods. In fact, a microbiological evaluation of hospital cleaning showed scrubbers significantly reduced microbial counts, compared with mop and vacuum, and spray clean, and produced an effect that persisted for at least a week.

Nilfisks arsenal consists of the AS380 Small Scrubber/Dryer with an ergonomic, foldable handle; the easy-to-use, powerful and compact AS510C Walk Behind Scrubber; the AS530R Mini Ride-on Scrubber for those who want to work smart and hard at the same time all the while taking a rest; and the AS710R Ride-on Scrubber which promises improved productivity, lower costs, and an automatic reduce speed control feature.

Nilfisk also offers a wide variety of vacuum cleaners like the VP300 HEPA Vacuum, the GM80P Cleanroom Vacuum, the VP930HEPASTD Dry Vacuum, and the GU355 Dual Upright Vacuum. These weapons against dirt, dust, and grime are all easy to use, boast powerful filters and functions, and can clean a floor or room with more than enough power.

Nilfisk also has hot and cold water high pressure washers to meet the needs of home and establishment owners and cleaners everywhere. From mundane tasks to intense assignments, these washers are more than able to eliminate dirt and grime every time. Since heat is an important factor in eliminating bacteria, those who are actively purchasing a high pressure cleaner may opt to buy the Nilfisk H11OE or H200E Hot/Cold Water HPW for maximum cleaning ability.

COVID-19 Proof Environment with 3M and EKO

For COVID-19 proof home/establishment owners or workers tasked with cleaning the location with their own hands, the 3M Scotch Brite Cleaning Solutions have single spin mop bucket sets, all-purpose cleaners, brooms, and gloves for an effective clean. Any trash, dust, and other contaminants can also be thrown in EKO’s commercial open top trash cans or soft close step bins.

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As we slowly transition out of the COVID-19 era, one cannot help but think that diseases, viruses, bacteria, germs, and other harmful, contagious pathogens are a permanent occurence in life, which is why being prepared will always have its merits. Prepare a solid COVID-19 proof office


Where to Buy?

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. is the largest authorized distributor of the best industrial hardware solution brands in the Philippines.

To shop online, visit

Co Ban Kiat Hardware, Inc.
Ground Floor, Cobankiat Building II
231 Juan Luna St. Binondo Manila, Philippines.
Phone +632 8243-1931
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About CBK Hardware

For almost a hundred years, a family’s surname has become synonymous to the country’s biggest hardware supply company. Co Ban Kiat Hardware Incorporated, of the Cobankiat family has a regular client network of more than 1,500 industrial organizations; 1,600 traditional community hardware stores, and 584 home building specialty chain of stores across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.   This ever-growing conglomerate traces its humble roots to Manila Chinatown, as a pioneer enterprise started by family’s patriarch, Mr. Cobankiat in 1920. Despite the ruins of World War II, the business goes back to its feet in 1948, rebuilding a storefront from the very same spot where it was known for three decades.

This ever-growing conglomerate traces its humble roots to Manila Chinatown, as a pioneer enterprise started by family’s patriarch, Mr. Cobankiat in 1920. Despite the ruins of World War II, the business goes back to its feet in 1948, rebuilding a storefront from the very same spot where it was known for three decades.

While the Filipinos continue to rebuild their lives post war, CBK Hardware sees the opportunity to introduce the retail concept once unheard for in hardware industry. The Hardware Workshop Store is the fruit if this endeavor. CBK Hardware further cemented its legendary distribution channel with the creation of Coby’ Design Center in Edsa Shangi La in 1996, a specialty store that caters to discriminating taste of modern Filipinos.

In 1997, Mr. Johnny Cobankiat, the 4th generation Cobankiat leader, set another milestone for the company when he brings a franchise of Ace Hardware USA to the Philippines, and signs up CBK Hardware as one of its major suppliers. This further expanded into delivering quality world class products nearer to families of Filipino overseas workers in the countryside.

A century’s excellence can quickly pass, and guided by the vision to be the largest network supplier of the biggest global brands in the hardware industry, CBK Hardware resolve to source the best products to supply its customers anytime and every time.




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