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The Evolution of Door Locks: Featuring Baldwin Hardware

Baldwin continues to take steps into the future each and every day

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Baldwin Hardware Door Locks

Privacy and security are rights as well as privileges, and one sure-fire way of having personal privacy and security is having a lock on your door. Truly, one of the best feelings in one’s personal life is undisturbed solitude in a room with a locked door, forcing people outside to knock before they enter. To think, a simple mechanism such as door locks and locksets grew to become so integral and ingrained in any person’s everyday life.




This ingenious invention originated from ancient Egypt, which was comprised of a simple wooden bolt jammed in a slot with several holes on its upper surface. To open doors locked this way, a toothbrush-like key with pegs that matched the holes could unpick this secure lock. While it was rudimentary, its simple design is actually the basis for locks and keys today. These locks were utilized by the ancient Egyptians to safeguard their royal treasures and valuable items of religious, polytheistic significance.


When the 18th century came along, locksmiths and the industry upped the ante with next level materials, such as metal locks, more secure inner mechanisms, and multiple levers to stop bolt movement—increasing security and giving homeowners some repose. During this time, many locksmiths, inventors, and engineers flourished as the demand for privacy and security continued to soar.

Baldwin Tool and Die Company

From then up until 1946, a family of dreamers and smiths set up a business called the “Baldwin Tool and Die Company”. This company went on to create letter boxes stamped from sheets of brass and, more importantly for them, door knob creation. Seeing doorknobs as their craft and expertise, those at Baldwin began perfecting these simple yet impactful, everyday tools with metal, glass, and brass. Their commitment allowed their catalogue to double and their name to be widely known all through the United States of America.

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Their portfolio of clean and curated door knobs is as wide as can be—from the estate door knobs with impressively latticed curves and a high-end design; contemporary and rustic reserve knobs; and the affordable yet luxurious prestige series. All these door knobs are also fully customizable to cater to any homeowner’s needs, be they big or small.




However, creating door knobs was still too small a dream for those at Baldwin. This gave them the drive to set the standard of door manufacturing. They created top-of-the-line door hardware, improving upon the plain door lock to locksets including keyed entry knobs, smart locks, keypad entries, rim locks, turn pieces, and more. They managed to do this by collaborating with respected architects. From this partnership, a variety of different architectural styles of door knobs and locksets were created, with each mechanism formed from the finest materials and excellent finishes.

Advanced Designs and Technologies

Stepping forward into the new age meant improving upon designs that were already advanced. To exemplify this inventive nature, Baldwin introduced a line of keyless entry locks. Aptly named Home Connect, these smart, atypical, and futuristic locksets were quite easy to use and were even more secure than prior models all while promoting user-friendliness to home and business owners alike. Stepping into the environment of smart technology truly was the right decision for those at Baldwin.




Baldwin did not cease its efforts to continuously modernize their inventions for the convenience of people, setting the bar higher and higher with each new lock model.

As a testament to their forward-thinking and proactive brand identity, Baldwin launched a mobile app called Baldwin Evolved. This app is the melting pot in which innovation merges perfectly with convenient security and manifold functionalities. This electronic touch-to-open solution designed to exceed the luxurious, uncompromising architectural standards of Baldwin customers, is a digital platform that grants home and business owners the ability to control and monitor locks from anywhere and collect data about each door. To open these technological wonders, digital e-keys may be used for remote access.

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Baldwin continues to take steps into the future each and every day. Transcending the simple creation of locks, those at Baldwin has fostered this environment of privacy, security, and ease of use. For anyone who would like to avail these state-of-the-art knobs, locks, and locksets, potential buyers can visit Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. website or visit COBY’S Design Center Showroom in EDSA Shangri-La, Mandaluyong City, as the trusted distributors in the Philippines.


This is especially important for any Filipino—whether they are home or business owners, have a family, own a property, or more. Refining a location’s security to be nigh impenetrable, fostering a safe space where people can be as private as they want, and decreasing the work needed for them to have such security and privacy is the foundation upon which Baldwin Hardware stands. This is indeed extremely helpful for the individuals in the Philippines who wish to purchase these luxury locks.


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