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Top Best Metal Buildings

We have selected five iconic buildings built on a metal frame

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Metal Buildings


Metal is one of the most necessary materials for humans, which is used in almost all areas of life in its various forms. So, for example, stainless steel melted for the first time on August 13, 1913, in Sheffield is used both for the manufacture of parts of complex mechanisms and for decorating facades and interiors of buildings. We have selected five iconic buildings built on a metal frame.

The Eiffel Tower

The construction of Gustave Eiffel was made in 1889 in honor of the centenary of the French Revolution. Interestingly, the metal buildings first impressions of the local community from the unusual tower were extremely negative. According to the initial project, the Eiffel Tower was supposed to stand for 20 years, after which they planned to dismantle it. However, the popularity of the building exceeded all expectations: crowds of tourists admired the creation of an engineering genius and a hot rolled coil producer, so this wonderful miracle of architecture delights Parisians and visitors to this day. The height of the tower is 324 meters and its construction took place as fast as possible thanks to the use of metal structures.

Empire State Building

The 103-story office metal buildings skyscraper is located in New York City on Manhattan Island. Its height is 381.3 m. This is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. The architecture belongs to the Art Deco style. The building weighs 331 thousand tons. It is erected on a two-story foundation and supported by a steel structure weighing 54.4 thousand tons. The skyscraper frame consists of hundreds of steel sections several meters long and several tons weighing.

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Sydney Opera House

This metal buildings building has gained popularity due to the unusual shape of the roof. Implementing such a project became possible thanks to the use of metal structures. Looking at the roof of the Sydney Opera House, you understand that any project, even the most sophisticated, can be implemented in practice, and all thanks to the flexibility of the metal and its strength characteristics. The construction of the Sydney Opera House took 14 years and $ 102 million, but the result was beyond all expectations.

30 St Mary Ax

It is one of the contradictory symbols of modern London, noticeably standing out on the city skyline. The design of the metal buildings skyscraper consists of a steel frame and a glass facade with diamond-shaped panels. Designers made the most effective use of sunlight and natural ventilation, as a result of which the building consumes half as much energy as many similar-sized skyscrapers.

Main Building of Moscow State University

The height of the 34-story building is more than 183 m. At the time of construction, it was the tallest building in Europe. The supporting system (the foundations and the framework) of the Main Building of Moscow State University was developed by the Soviet designer and scientist Nikolay Nikitin. He proposed fundamentally new technical solutions: a box-like foundation, flexible columns on the ground floor of the building, cross-shaped metal columns, and many others. These innovations made it possible to build a high-rise building of variable height in difficult ground conditions.

Eurasia Tower

It consists of an underground part and two interconnected metal buildings ground structures: a 75-story tower and a two-story podium. Today it is the tallest building in Europe with a steel frame – its height is 309 m. The main advantage of technological solutions based on the use of a metal frame is a lower loss coefficient for columns, beams, shafts, and other structural elements. With the external compactness of the tower, the rooms inside are spacious and bright.

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