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This Cafe In San Francisco Employed A Robot To Craft Your Coffee

Are you ready to have your morning fix prepared by a robot?

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Today, our world is adapting to advanced technology at an exponential rate. Such is very true for artificial intelligence and robots. Robots are rapidly making their way into different large industries, such as the automobile, manufacturing, offices, and even in the medical industry. Now, robots have made their way to the food and beverage industry.

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Recently, Cafe X has opened its very first robotic cafe at San Francisco’s Metreon shopping center.

“Precision crafted specialty coffee in seconds, the way the roaster intended” the Cafe X website stated. The cafe believe that anything a human is capable of doing, its machines can do even better.

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Meet Cafe X’s robot employee, Gordon. Gordon is responsible for manning or “robotting” two professional coffee machines in order to serve up lattes and espressos. In San Francisco, there are numerous coffee shop where one can grab a cup of joe. While Cafe X’s coffee itself may not make their stand out from the competition, they have high hopes that the efficiency of Gordon will.

According to Cafe X in their website, “There’s a lot of work that goes into great coffee. The Cafe X system is designed for humans and robots to collaborate. Smart robotics and machine learning working autonomously allows our operations team to focus on sourcing and using fresh ingredients, maintaining extremely high hygiene standards, and ensuring a great customer experience with every single interaction.”

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Cafe X believes that for customers to have a great cafe experience, the cafe has to provide efficiency and replicability. They also work carefully with each of their coffee roasters to “source the best ingredients, calibrate equipment, and create beverage configurations.” This way you’ll have a consistent tasting cup of joe every time.

You can also order your cup of coffee ahead of time whenever you feel like it. All you have to do is get the Cafe X mobile app, and you’ll be able to schedule a pickup time. Thank’s to Gordon’s artificial intelligence software, your preorders are taken into consideration simultaneously with walk-in orders. Gordon is capable of making 100-120 cups of coffee in an hour, so you won’t have to worry about waiting long.

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