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CHINT Layout Overseas Power Market, Power Plant and Production Line to Push Forward

CHINT Cooperates with the Bangladesh Power Commission Supporting the 300MW IPP HFO Power Plant Project

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In February, 2018, CHINT began collaboration on the IPP project of the Bangladesh Power Development Commission in Jessore and Comilla. The HFO power plant’s total capacity of electricity is about 400MW and installed capacity is more than 300MW. When finished, the electricity supplied by the plant will be incorporated directly into the National grid of Bangladesh, which will provide electricity throughout the local areas of that region.

Bangladesh is one of the most important countries in the one belt, one road and maritime Silk Road. Because of this important initiative, CHINT has expanded investment and has begun cooperation on projects of the governments of Pilipinas, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey.  The Bangladesh economy has poised for great things most recently. When this project goes into operation, it will greatly relieve the local demand and promote local economic development and social development within the country.

CHINT can offer the one-stop solutions for our customers with a complete product line portfolio that provides solid power protection and complete global certification standards. Although this construction project has aggressive timetables, CHINT can be expected to complete its part on budget, on time, and also delivering top product quality. The Bangladesh Power Development Commission’s tough evaluation of CHINT’s capabilities resulted finally in beating out all other competitors through a determined and sustained effort by the CHINT team.

The installation and construction of the substation is currently under way and is expected to be completed in April. CHINT is providing 132 kV primary equipment,  complete integration covering three product lines for high voltage transmission and distribution: power transformers, high-voltage switch (isolation switch, circuit breaker), high-voltage components (current Transformer, voltage transformer, lightning arrester), 35kV and below power cable. This project is perfectly aligned with CHINT’s market positioning. The end result will be a thriving, growing economy in Bangladesh as a result of this project.

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CHINT’s Product Line will Launch in Algeria

From Feb 12-15th, CHINT attended the 2018 SEER fair in Algeria. During the exhibition, multiple products and systems were presented to many professional participants on site, such as House building, solar power supply system, Industrial control, Industrial inverter and soft-starter solution, and the NEXT series. Even though it was the first appearance at this event, CHINT’s booth attracted much attention from more than 200 participants. Because the event was held during the China Spring Festival, CHINT staffers all wore Chinese traditional costume to celebrate!

The 2018 SEER fair is the first event dedicated exclusively to electricity and renewable energies in Algeria. This fair was held from February 12th through the 15th, 2018 in Alger, and exhibitors included most of the local equipment manufacturers, distributors, design institute, panel builders etc.

The stable growth of international trade in CHINT-Algeria market, is a result of CHINT’s strategy of local events and Marketing focus within the region to boost sales. Participation at the SEER fair demonstrates CHINT’s determination in following through on this marketing strategy. Later this year in 2018, the first overseas CHINT assembly line will begin production in Algeria, further accelerating CHINT’s regional development in the Algeria market.

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