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Choosing the Right Aquaponic Water Pump

To be able to do aquaponics successfully, you have to understand first the mechanical aspects of the system you’re working with.

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To maintain an aquaponic system accordingly, you have to be equipped with the right aquaponic water pump. Growing organic plants for yourself or your loved ones is a relaxing and satisfying interest to venture. But to be able to do it successfully, you have to understand first the mechanical aspects of the system you’re working with.

A water pump is categorically the most integral part of the aquaponic system. Having a competent and efficient pump will ensure the quality of the plants you’re growing. More than that, creating a flourishing aquaponic system will potentially open possibilities for you. We’ll help you know the right kind of water pump to get started.

How much water can be pumped?

There are a lot of factors to be considered to be able to achieve the ideal 100 liters an hour pump. The length and height of your aquaponic system should be noted before choosing a pump that is powerful enough to do the job. You need to look for the maximum strength the water pump has to produce the amount of water you need. Meanwhile, you can put on a valve to make the flow go a little weak if you decide to get a stronger pump. Of course, you have to make sure that the pump you are using is specially made for water and not for any other fluids.

The number of watts needed

Complicated systems require aquaponic water pumps that consume greater energy to run consistently. However, the market is now offering diverse kinds of pumps that run on green energy. You can choose solar-powered pumps that offer the same mileage. If you want to save on electricity, there are water pumps that run on a small number of watts but are still efficient.


Oversized aquaponic water pump does not guarantee the best results while undersized pumps might deliver insufficient performance. It is recommendable to choose a pump that can provide higher capacity to what your system requires so when a flow grade upgrade is needed when the time comes, you will not have to worry about buying a new one. Also, it is advised to use two pumps simultaneously so that your water pumps will not be overused and be able to substitute instantly when one malfunction.

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