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How to Maintain a Server Room

In this post, we’ll ask how you can maintain your businesses server room without requiring you to relocate to a larger space!

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Server Room



If you’ve never heard of a server room, this refers to a designated, air-conditioned space that’s devoted to the continuous operation of computer servers.

The size of this space depends on the nature of the business that owners the server room and the demands placed on its network, but even smaller spaces can become messy and overwhelmed by tangled wires and loose power cords over time.

In this post, we’ll ask how you can maintain your businesses server room without requiring you to relocate to a larger space!

1. Make the Most of Cable Ties and Flange Clips

If you’re looking to engage in relatively low level maintenance and simply tidy up your existing wires, you’ll need to invest in low cost products that help to organise these effectively.

Take cable ties and flange clips, for example, which are available through global suppliers such as RS Components and can be used in unison to bind loose wires together (preventing them from becoming a tripping hazard in the process).

This, combined with the processes of shortening extended cables where necessary, can have a dramatic impact in your server room and help to organise even the tightest and most cluttered space.

2. Get Rid of Your Unused Cables

Of course, the easiest and most effective way of decluttering your server room is to get rid of your unused cables. While this may sound simple, it represents a great start to the project and helps you to understand the challenge in hand once you get started.

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It’s certainly true that you may have a load of all cables in your server room at present, especially if you haven’t maintained the space for a while or have recently upgraded your equipment and failed to remove the old equipment.

This can be achieved by tracing each cable and identifying what device it’s connected to, before determining whether or not it’s viable or can be removed.

This may be an arduous process, but it’s one that can have a huge impact on your server room and the available space.

3. Get Organised and Use a Simple Labelling System

Ultimately, your server room may be packed with various types of cable and equipment, from computer towers and monitors to routers and air conditioning units.

Each of these devices will have its own type of power cord, so the creation of a clear and colour-coded labelling system can help you to easily identify different items and streamline the maintenance of your server room going forward.

Once again, this represents a long and drawn out process, but developing this type of organised system can really help you keep your server room clutter free and make it easy to replace wires and equipment going forward.

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