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This Button Will Automate All Your Favorite Actions On Your Smartphone

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a button that will automate all your favorite actions on your phone? Well, look no further.

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What if there is a button you can stick on your side table that lets you snooze your morning alarm? What if there is a button you keep on your pocket that lets you call a cab? What if there’s a button you can stick on your dashboard that navigates you to your next appointment? What if you need not leave your couch to order pizza?

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Well, enough of what ifs. It’s now time to know what is. Introducing the wireless smart button that creates a shortcut of just about anything you can do with your phone and its apps. Introducing, Flic.

Flic takes automation a step further. It can be paired with your mobile phone through Bluetooth and programed to perform your favorite actions, so you don’t have to dig through your smartphones for simple tasks. Flic lets you take a selfie, call your favorite contacts or send text messages.

Flic allows its user to create multiple scenarios by varying his or interaction with the device. For instance, a single click could be for turning on the lights, a double click could be for music streaming, and a click-and-hold could be for sharing your location to someone you want to notify you’re already home. With a range of up to 150 feet, Flic lets you have an instant smart home set-up!

Flic also comes in handy when it comes to safety. With Flic, the user can discreetly send a distress message to family and friends, set-up a fake call or sound an alarm.

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With the continuous development in wireless automation, the possibilities of what Flic can do are virtually endless! Now, with modern smart phone applications, Flic can possibly lock or open a door, control thermostats, close or open blinds, turn on the TV and play a movie. The creators of Flic are launching a developer kit so Flic can be continuously integrated into any mobile application.

Flic may be a small and simple wireless button, but it has a huge potential to change the way its users live every day. With the constant roll-out of evermore amazing mobile technologies, the list of what Flic can do will go on and on.

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