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Straightforward Customer Bookings with the help of a Cloud-based ERP solution

Tracking time, booking assets is key in succeeding with your construction projects

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Cloud-based ERP solution


Time is of the essence always, no matter what type of business you are running or from which industry. We lose time, daily, on things like old-school interfaces, bad management, paperwork and bureaucracy, and the list has no end. Some of these you can get rid of or you can work around them, but still saving time is crucial nowadays, so you can focus your full and undivided attention on tasks that really matter. Maximizing your time, the way you spend it is key in improving the efficiency of your business. One such way to maximize time is by managing your bookings.

Choosing the Construction ERP solution for your business

Your team efficiency can expand in many ways by choosing a construction management software fitted to your company. Be it if you are looking for a specific tool for General Contractors management software or a next-generation cloud-based ERP that would manage your company in its entirety, the solution that you will choose should certainly help you save time and money.

Having your Schedule of Works up to date allows you to manage the aspects of your business in one place. You will know when a certain employee is working on a specific project, on a specific task. You will know how much they cost you and when they will finish the task. All costs will be automatically deducted from the budget of the Project. Things may seem hard to predict, but with your experience and a good software, things will come as easy as pie!

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Efficient Booking Procedures

General Contractor Management Software enables you to optimise the way your employees work – how their tasks are scheduled and their availability. In this way, you will be able to optimise the way you assign your resources to the projects that you have. The best softwares available on the market help you to keep the client satisfied by helping your team make the correct decisions in booking your resources. By professionally booking your employees, you will be able to deliver the project on time, managing this way also your clients’ time. They will see that you respect them as well as your employees, by avoiding double booking or overworking your team.

The software of your choice should not only help you to handle your employees properly but also the other assets that you hold – machinery included. You should be able to book a person to use a certain machine for a certain task and make sure that the system will notify you if you will overbook any of your assets – machine or human.

Scheduling Module

With the support of a cloud-based construction ERP solution, you should be able to create meetings, set up time off, set up holidays (regular ones but also maternity/paternity leaves, sick leaves – for yourself and the team). Creating Project Tasks for your team and connecting assets to them will be a few clicks away! You will first search for the person (the Asset) that should do the task, assign the appropriate vehicle/machinery/equipment, add the budget for the task, place notes (if need be), and… voila! You are ready to go. The cloud-based ERP system will also notify you in case of overbooking – making, yet again, your work (and life) easier.

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TimeSheet Tracking and Management

Pulling up reports for a single person or for the entire team will be as easy as pie! You will be able, with the help of the new solution, to clock-in/out, track and edit all data related to your employees. You can make sure the report for HR/Payroll has the latest data from the system (and you!) will have one location where all the info will be stored – not a dozen of Excel files and hand-made lists. Goodbye, paperwork – Hello, Future!

To Sum up

Tracking time, booking assets is key in succeeding with your projects. You need to know where your resources are at any given moment. Having them overbooked can be dangerous for the future of the project and that of the company. By choosing a construction software UK based solution that will allow you to check up on them at any time and place, you will ease your worries. Make your bookings as straightforward as possible and by that you will manage to make your client’s experience smoother and more pleasant.


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