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What is the Best Hardware Store in the Philippines?

Co Ban Kiat Hardware: Voted by Engineers as The Best One Stop Shop Hardware and Home Improvement Store in the Philippines

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Hardware Store in the Philippines



Whenever someone faces an equipment or facility-related problem in their workplace or home, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Store will always have the perfect solution in the form of state-of-the-art innovations and tools. That is why in the recent survey of GineersNow, Co Ban Kiat was voted as the best Hardware Store in the Philippines.

CBK Hardware Inc., a 100 year old hardware store in the Philippines has been thriving to provide affordable solutions to make the lives of every Filipino comfortable and safe.

With the emergence of COVID-19, people are in need of their catered products for cleanliness, protection, preparation, building and repairing, helping, and overall safety now more than ever. For the leading and largest distributor of global hardware and home improvement brands in the Philippines, the pandemic is another mountain that will be inevitably conquered by CBK Hardware Store.

All of the company’s catered products for cleanliness, protection, preparation, building and fixing, and safety were used widely on and for many residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Needless to say, CBK Hardware Store is dedicated to deliver the right solution and to improve the productivity and efficiency of everything that matters.

Their newest campaign “#WithCBKWeCan”, CBK Hardware Store. is enumerating and highlighting each weapon in their arsenal of tools to help Filipinos clean their homes and other locations, protect others and themselves, be prepared for whatever challenge life might throw, build and quickly fix home repairs, and ultimately, help others.

With the threat of the coronavirus still very much alive even after months of efforts against it, cleanliness, disinfection, and good hygiene have become much more emphasized today. Fortunately, the dynamic wide assortment of CBK cleaning products promote the highest level of cleanliness in different places.

#withCBKwecan CLEAN

CBK Hardware Inc. boasts multiple types of vacuums, some with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, many sleek yet functional EKO trash bins for every corner of the house or office, RIDGID the trusted brand in drain cleaning have inclusive variety of cleaning products ranging from hand tools, sink machines, drum / sectional machines to jetters, clean and clear drains of all sizes, faucets of all shapes and sizes for every bathroom, and multitudes of cleaning chemicals to really eradicate any and all traces of COVID-19 in the atmosphere.

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#withCBKwecan PROTECT

CBK Hardware Store also plays a part in protecting various facilities against physical threats and thievery. Their products that are guaranteed to give each and every location a necessary security upgrade are their Yale Digital door lock, Dormakaba door hardware solutions, high-end door lock and latches of Baldwin, Pelican lighting solutions and cases, Chubbsafes vaults and safes. One can rest assured that the workplace, home, or whatever facility will be safe with these security technology products installed.

#withCBKwecan PREPARE

Cleanliness methods and security measures are all well and good, but they can perform even better with CBK Hardware’s preparation products. As cliché as it may sound, those who fail to prepare are preparing for failure. With CBK Hardware’s products that can increase productivity and provide reliable backup for tough situations, one can face even unforeseen problems when they eventually hit. Their Navigator generators, Stanley hand trucks, Fairbanks Weighing Scale, Toho Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck, and Deton Industrial Fan are the physical ramparts between the facilities and the problems.

#withCBKwecan BUILD

On a more proactive side of things, CBK Hardware also provides the tools for people to start building and repairing structures. Building things obviously takes a lot of time and work, not to mention a lot of different tools. With the right tools, hitting construction projects is quicker, easier, and provides an overall better experience. The satisfaction to have the complete essential construction of tools that comes with a bundle of other essentials can make any decorating, maintenance, repair job of any place. CBK’s Stanley power and hand tools, Toho chains, Ridgid threading and pipe fabrication tools, and Lincoln Welding Electric Equipment among others are CBK’s best tools for the job.

#withCBKwecan FIX

On the other side of the coin, CBK also helps repair and fix broken structures and items. With CBK Hardware’s items, the need to hire handyman services ceases to exist. Their Ridgid extension and step ladders, Dewalt Power Tools, and Stanley Automated Tools are mobile, easy to use, and minimize the large effort in doing basic home repairs.

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#withCBKwecan HELP

Needless to say, CBK Hardware Inc. is making this campaign with kindness to others as their purpose. Ultimately, their hashtag “#WithCBKWeCan will help those who partake in the campaign. For every sale on any promo offered under this campaign, CBK Hardware Inc. will donate PHP 100 to charity organizations that are in dire need of provisions, financial assistance, and aid in every way. Targeting to help more children and the elderly who are affected by the current crisis is a noble mission for the company.

CBK Hardware Inc. as a one stop shop that can provide all of multitude solutions without leaving the safety of your area this pandemic is the evident solution to alleviate most of today’s concurring problems. With the campaign, CBK Hardware Inc. is allowing every Filipino to repair their house or do a repairing job with easy DIY solutions with affordable costs all around.

For nearly 100 years, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. is providing affordable comprehensive integrated solutions with convenience, also ensuring the lives of every Filipino comfortable and safe even during this trying times.

#withCBKWeCan Catch a wave of hot deals by visiting this link as your hardware and home improvement needs are on big discounts for the whole month of July and August! We made shopping for hardware essentials a lot easier and safer.

Where to Buy?

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. for nearly 100 years is the trusted distributor of home improvement and hardware items in the Philippines

Let’s shop wisely. #StayAtHome and order online at your convenience. Visit us in the following sites and enjoy deals, discounts, and more!


Co Ban Kiat Hardware, Inc.
Ground Floor, Cobankiat Building II
231 Juan Luna St. Binondo Manila, Philippines.
Phone  +632 8243-1931
Phone  +632 8243-5263
Phone  +632 8894-6561
Email and

Coby’s Design Center
Unit 467 level 4 Shangri-La Plaza
Edsa Corner Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Phone  +632 86364895

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