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Eagle Versus Drone

Nature vs. Machine: This Drone Is No Match To This Eagle

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Eagle Versus Drone


Home to the famous Ugg(ly) boots, the multi-talented Hugh Jackman, the gorgeous Miranda Kerr and… this kickass eagle? You heard that right! Not only is this place home to koalas addicted to eating eucalyptus, it is also home to one annoyed (but still awesome) Australian wedge-tailed eagle.

It all started when drone operator, Adam Lancaster, was just minding his own business in a woodland in greater Melbourne, flying his drone, when the wild predator appeared. The eagle focused its attention to the drone and disabled it in less than 10 seconds. The attack was so fast to the point that you couldn’t even see it coming. Lancaster said that the drone needed repairing after the attack while the eagle flew away unscathed.

Known as the largest bird of prey in Australia, this predator is very territorial and attacks helicopters and paragliders as well. Now it adds drones to its must-destroy list since it feels threatened to its presence.

Source: Melbourne Aerial Video

Other animals have made drones their adversary as well.

Another eagle was spotted to attack a drone and carry it off away from its rightful owners.

Source: Abdulghani Mohamed

This kangaroo attacked another innocent drone. The attack was so swift and left the drone permanently disabled.

Source: Burgers’ Zoo

A brutal attack took place in New Zealand when a drone spotted a ram enjoying its meal to its delight. Once the ram felt the drone was too close, it did not hesitate to destroy the drone and showed no mercy to the drone’s owner as well.

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Source: Angry Ram

Lastly, a chimpanzee, named Tushi, in Burgers’ Zoo in Netherlands used a stick to easily take down its newfound adversary. Tushi then went down the tree to check the fate of the drone.

Source: Newzulu

These animals are more likely to feel stressed out when a drone is around and tend to lash out on them, destroying these drones like horrible bosses. Clearly, nature is not yet ready to welcome these machines. If people could disguise these drones as non-threatening looking machines, then less innocent drones become in danger from these wild animals.

Source: Angry Ram

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