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How To Build Tesla’s Powerwall Using Old Laptop Batteries

Many have been successful in creating more affordable powerwalls, and are capable of storing just as much power as the Tesla version.

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Tesla’s Powerwall was created so that homeowners can store electricity for emergencies such as when the power goes out. It’s a very convenient solution, but very pricey. For the price of $5,500, not many consumers can afford it.

This is why many enthusiasts who are interested in this technology decided to make their own versions of the Tesla powerwall. Many have been successful in creating more affordable powerwalls, and are capable of storing just as much power as the Tesla version.

Many consumers constructed their powerwalls by using old, recycled batteries from laptops. To most people, these old laptop batteries are useless and should just be thrown out, but in the eyes of an enthusiast who wants to create their own tech, it’s treasure.

Source: YouTube

There are loads of forums and YouTube videos that create step by step processes on teaching people how to build their own powerwalls. One YouTuber named Joe Williams, explained that it all comes down to being able to trust something that you build yourself, in contrast to what companies says is right for you.

While the Tesla Powerwall can store up to 14kWh, some DIY powerwalls have been created to store a lot more. According to Futurism, in the DIYPowerwalls forums, a user named Glubux claimed that his custom-made powerwall can hold up to 28kWh. Another person, Australian YouTuber Peter Matthews built one that he claims is capable of storing 40kWh which it gathers from the 40 solar panels on his roof.

Source: YouTube, HBPowerwall

To create your own DIY powerwall, 18650 lithium-ion batteries are the most recommended for use, and are easily identified by their colorful plastic. They can be found in other appliances than just laptops, but it can take some time to collect them for your DIY powerwall. You can also opt to buy your own batteries. So, if you’re ready to create your own DIY powerwall, invest some time in research and make sure to take a look at the risks involved. Always wear your protective gears and be careful since experimenting with old batteries can be dangerous.


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