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This Device Prints Your Own Face Masks From Fruit

This new viral gadget was invented to let you make your own custom sheet masks without all the mess.

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Everyone who is into DIY beauty knows that the process is always usually messy. Since organic and natural products are all the rage nowadays, many beauty enthusiasts prefer this over synthetic or chemical-based products. However, making your own egg hair masks, lemon-honey facials, and natural facial cleansers with their dripping parts are just too much of a hassle. Thanks to technology, a new viral gadget was invented to let you make your own custom sheet masks without all the mess.  This new gadget is called the EgoEra DIY Natural Fruit Vegetable Beauty Automatic Multifunction Facial Mask Maker.

Source: Inquirer

The EgoEra Facial mask maker creates a face mask by making use of fruits and vegetables to craft juices that contain ingredients that is used for common skincare problems. For example, if you want to have brighter skin, you can add strawberries or lemons to the machine. You’ll be needing your own juicer to create your fruit and vegetable juice, but once it’s done, all you’ll have to do is simply combine it with water and a collage pill that is included with the machine. After you place all of the ingredients into the machine, it prints out a face mask, which you can use as your own personal sheet mask. Make sure to make it cool first.

Source: Insider

This is a great innovation indeed since you can customize whatever ingredient you want to put in your mask. Therefore, you’ll be able to target whatever skin care issue you may have. What’s even better is that, you can do it in the comfort of your own home! It’s also a great add on service for spas and facial centers. According to the gadget’s Amazon page, the Egoera is not limited to only fruit and vegetable juices either. You can add wine, eggs and even essential oils to the machine to match your mood. The sheet mask possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, the EgoEra is currently out of stock on Amazon, so if you plan to buy one for yourself, you’ll have to wait for them to restock.


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