From Power Plants to Homes: Behind Electric Power

Integration of 'smart grid'

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Electric Power


Generated through power plants and moves with a complex system, this is how our homes and offices able to receive electric power. Electricity, sometimes called the grid, is moving through electricity substations, transformers, and power lines. In this way, it can connect electricity producers and consumers.

In fact, most grids from different parts of the world are interconnected for commercial purposes. This is to supply all the demands of the electricity in all areas.

According to studies, United States consists of hundreds of thousands of miles of high-voltage power lines. These are all through distributed transformers and ways so thousands of power plants to homes would be connected.

Integration of ‘smart grid’

Today, smart grid incorporates digital technology which is primarily advanced instrumentation into the traditional electrical system. In this way, it which allows utilities and customers to receive information from the grid. Smart grid is said to be an electrical system that is more reliable and efficient.

Through smart grid as well, electricity losses can be detected immediately. More than this, smart grids allows its consumers for working smart on their electric use. They can be able to adjust settings of time-of use electricity rates which later can lower their energy bills. Furthermore, smart grids can sometimes  correct problems in the electrical distribution system. This is through digitally sending instructions to equipment which later can adjust the conditions of the system.


Hurdles to overcome of power

From 1900s up to the present, innovation in electric power industry can never be deny. That is also the reason why a lot of investment was up for this industry. In fact, new transmission technologies in electric power industries are central station generating plants, and growing electricity demand, especially after World War II.

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Today, we are witnesses how electric power has been useful in every day lives. Never it can be replaced but in at least it must be well-maintained. Everybody in the world needs electricity, that’s for a fact.

That is why, new power lines are also needed to establish and maintain in all areas. Renewable sources of energy must build its own generation not just because it is the trend but we badly need this.Wind and solar power become cheaper in the market and even simple household can invest for their every day use.

Another thing, it is now a need to be addressed as federal regulations regarding who is responsible for paying for new transmission lines suddenly becomes an issue. According to survey, it greatly affects the private sector’s ability to raise money to build transmission line.

Lastly, it is very important that each countries, even the public and private sector of electric power industry must be one in protecting the grid from physical and cyber attacks. This is a challenge also that they need to face as we are gearing towards technological advancements.


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