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11 Great Ideas in Hosting a Fun BBQ Party with Engineers

With chic decor, tools for the grill, drinks, and of course the food, make your backyard barbecue party one to remember with these tips

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BBQ Party


Sumner is close and there is no better way to entertain in the summer than having a barbecue. Whether you host a BBQ for an occasion or just a fun get-together with friends and family, there are a few essentials that you will need to host a great BBQ party. With chic decor, tools for the grill, drinks, and of course the food, make your backyard barbecue party one to remember with these tips:

Grilling Tools and Equipment

Without a grill, it may just be called a party. Being the heart of any great barbecue, grills come in all shapes and sizes which you can use according to the number of guests invited. There are a few essential tools required along with grills such as spatula, grill fork, charcoal or gas, aluminum foil, apron, oil, and a few more. Opting for stainless steel tools can last for years and also keep extra gas or charcoal as it may in handy during your barbecue party.

Pick a Theme

Picking a theme for your barbecue party can be fun. There so many people who tend to host barbecue parties during the summer and a great theme can help you stand out amongst the others. The best things about is that your theme can be based on various things such as food, occasion, interest or even a location. All you need to do is be creative and make it fun.


Once you have picked out your theme, you can then choose the decor to match your theme. Keeping things simple not overdoing it will work great for you. Focus on lighting, table decor, and centerpieces to enhance the outdoor ambiance. A great tip for the evening barbecue sessions is to have citronella candles on the table to improve ambience and it also helps in keeping the bugs away.

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Summer Drinks

There are man beverages that can help keep everyone cool and refreshed during the party. The goal is to have a variety of drinks for kids and adults who don’t drink alcohol. Don’t forget the most important drink of your party, especially if it’s a hot day, that is water. Be sure that you have more than enough in stock so everyone can stay hydrated. Fruit punches or homemade lemonade are also a great way to keep people hydrated. You can also offer ice-cold beers to those who drink alcohol and may also include wines and cookout-worthy cocktails which can spice up your barbecue party.

Prep Food Before Guests Arrive

Making sure that the food is prepared beforehand is important. It makes a huge difference as it allows you to enjoy the cookout and not just be focused on preparing during the party. All the food should be marinated and ready to go on the grill when the guest arrives. Make sure you have enough gas and charcoal so you don’t your meat on the grill running dry.

Great Music

Setting the mood with a killer playlist is great while hosting a barbecue party. Don’t set it too loud where your guests are not able to be heard. You can play provide some upbeat music to some cheesy classic ones to make your barbeque a memorable one.


Ice can your best friend during an outdoor barbecue and your worst enemy, especially when you run out of ice. It is important to stock up than having a friend do an ice run in the midst of your party. There is nothing more essential than ice when hosting an outdoor summer party.

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Ask Guests to Bring Side Dishes

When hosting a large gathering, asking your guests to bring in some side dishes can be extremely beneficial to your party. People love to show off their prized dishes and this is the best way they can do so. They add value to your party and they are also able to contribute to the party. The more food the merrier people will be.

Simple Appetizers

Simple appetizers help keep the costs low and tummy’s full during a barbecue. Sometimes grilling can take some time while your guest awaits food. Keeping them busy with some starters is great to keep them happy and satisfied till the main course arrives. Guacamole and chips are a classic appetizer to have a barbecue party but you can turn to a variety of bread appetizers such as bruschetta and crostinis which taste yummily toasted on the grill.

Enhance Your Grilling Game

The most essential part of a barbecue is the food. It is important to serve a variety of grilled items that cater to all your guests. Apart from meat, you can even opt for salads and grilled veggies. You can change the menu from plain old hamburgers and hotdogs and try new recipes or even open a burger bar. It is a great way to satisfy your guests by providing additional add ons to the burger bar. They can get creative in making a burger best fits their tastes. Everyone likes to sit around the fireplace and enjoy the smell of grilled food. Sometimes, things can go out of control. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use, to prevent any damage to your lawn, grass, or even the people around:


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