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5 Reasons Why Engineers Are The Best Dates

The perfect valentine tip - DATE ENGINEERS! We just don’t want a typical hunk guy or hot girl for a date. What about dating engineers? Here’s a finder for you.

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Dating Engineers?


Let’s face it. We just don’t want a typical hunk guy or hot girl for a date.

What about engineers who could give a life outside of you, something they are pro at?

Here’s a finder for you.

They know how REACTIONS work.

Making it through their engineering life involves studying and applying chemical reactions and other sort of reactions.

Thus they assure you, they really know how CHEMISTRY works.

They can spice up and color your life with great combinations of feats and adventures.  And yes, they can promise STABILITY too.

Dating Engineers? (Source: Giphy)                    

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They know how to handle STRESS and STRAIN relationships.

Life ain’t perfect, so are relationships. We experience stressful situations causing physical, mental and emotional strains.

There are everyday tensions.

Engineers know when to yield or push our limits.

They are not just problem solvers, they are understanding too.

Dating Engineers? (Source: Giphy)

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They know how to WORK

Most demands are getting the work done, but they are not just like that.

How to apply forces and efforts at longer lengths of achievements are the ones that matter to them.

That’s how they know work is done.

They work smart.

Dating Engineers? (Source: Giphy)

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They perfectly do equations and they are also damn hot.

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They can sway a dull day into a steamy situation you want yourself into. 😉

Dating Engineers? (Source: Giphy)

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They know how COUPLE could enjoy a better MOMENT

Chemistry is not the only thing they are good at.

They can bring moments to make a couple, and bring a couple to a special moment.

They know it, thanks to the right hand rule.

Let them show you the right direction and they can really promise best moments of your life.

Dating Engineers? (Source: Giphy)

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See? They are not that nerdish, they can be cheesy too.

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2 shares, 105 points
Engr. Jenae Muller
Engineering geek. Currently working at Murray & Roberts Joburg. Former senior engineering recruiter at Group Five Engineering & Construction. Studied industrial engineering at Univ of Johannesburg. Kickass Dutch who likes tattoo. Blogging about innovations. Follow me on Linkedin


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