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What an Engineer Really Thinks About the Valentine’s Day

Engineers, who see and treat a lot of things in the most logical of ways, do not see this holiday the same as the others.

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For many, there is that one thing to be excited about when the month of February comes: the Valentine’s Day. Every 14th, the world celebrates this day of love and romance, spending time with loved ones and giving gifts to partners.

But that tradition may not be for everyone.

Engineers, who see and treat a lot of things in the most logical of ways, do not see this holiday the same as the others.

For most of us, it’s not a day of romance but a day when a man burns his money on unnecessary luxury items.

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It’s not difficult to understand this line of thinking if you are only associated with an engineer. Perhaps every woman who married an engineer can attest the truth to this, proving that they would rather spend February 14 slacking in front of the television instead of a fancy dinner.

These things discussed below should convince you to jump ships and join the club of unorthodox Valentine’s Day celebrants.

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Are you fond of giving or receiving jewelry? Engineers think that that is only a waste of money. Why would you spend thousands of dollars for bling when you can buy something else with a practical purpose like a water heater?

Not only does an expensive ring burn your wallet, it also makes the wearer a good candidate for mugging. Think if you have bought that money for a water heater instead, it could have been more purposeful, needless to say romantic.

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Don’t even start with a bouquet of flowers. It is not at all an investment, as they will just be dead in less than a week. What kind of fool would throw bucks on that?

Not to mention the fancy dinner in a restaurant. If you have a regular date for monthsaries, you’d rather have that instead of a Valentine’s dinner date, for the sole reason that restaurants charge three times the prices that season. You can just cook at home as well. No need for reservations and it’s all exclusive.

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Of course, there goes the concept of a couple’s getaway on February. A honeymoon perhaps? No, thanks. Have you heard about Netflix and chill? That works for engineers. Just rent a movie, prepare some tropical drinks, and voila. It doesn’t have to be so special.

And here’s the most traditional of all: Hallmark cards. Skip that and be more personal instead. Say “I love you” and be done with it. That could not be more romantic. No need to pay for a card with a rhyme that can be found on the Internet.

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Most will say that this Valentine treatment is a killjoy. If you think that way, then engineers may not be for you. We will not adjust for the occasion.

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Engr. Paige Peterson
Angel Investor & Director at GineersNow. MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management. Electrical engineer from Uni of Melbourne. Strong Aussie girl living in Sunny California. Follow me on Linkedin


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