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How Engineering Principles Are Used in Casino and Video Game Development

There are many elements that make up the development process of a casino or video game

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Casino and Video Game Development


There are many elements that make up the development process of a casino or video game, from the original inspiration to the creation of characters, the prizes that can be won and a plot. After this, the developers need to use some important engineering principles to bring the action to life as effectively as possible.

Character Movement

One of the biggest differences between modern games and older titles is in the way that the characters move across the screen. This article looks at the way that Lara Croft’s movements have evolved in different generations of Tomb Raider, as well as the mechanics used in the Assassin’s Creed series.

Game designers need to understand how people move in a whole range of different situations, as even one wrong reaction can make the game lose its realism. Of course, they tend to exaggerate normal human movements, to give the characters the ability to jump higher and run faster than in real-life, as it would be boring if the characters were restricted to average running speed and jumping power.

How realistic a game is meant to be will help to determine how the characters move. We expect fun jumps and exciting action from Super Mario but in a game that is based on stealthily moving around a realistic setting, we want to see the character creep around just as we would in that situation.

In casino slots games, we sometimes see video clips of the main characters between spins, while others may have someone leap off the reels to award bonuses or some other feature. In this case, the developers need to make it an exciting, worthwhile moment full of emotion rather than stick to proper movement and realism.

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Interaction with Objects

The way that characters interact with objects on the screen has also evolved immensely. Early computer games like Atari’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and Bandai’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were largely criticized because the poor graphics and lack of coherent interaction with objects and characters made them virtually unplayable.

These days, we expect to see the character grab ropes, pick up objects and explore the world around them naturally. Things should also bounce off walls, fall, and basically act in the way we are used to. The feeling of the impact is also a big part of an action game, with haptic feedback allowing players to enjoy the sensation of smashing and crashing into objects even more.

As with the character movements, there needs to be a sense of exaggeration in most games. If it is a powerful superhero like The Hulk, we want to see him crush cars that he steps on and cause cracks in the paving when he lands from a giant jump.

One of the common bonuses in casino titles sees special symbols get blown up, expand or move. Again, the key here isn’t for it to be realistic at all. Instead, it needs to appear to be a memorable occasion which causes the player to celebrate. The bigger the potential win, the more dramatic and exaggerated the effects can be.

Making Computer-Generated Objects and Characters

Taking an object that we are familiar with in real life and making it act like it should is another of the major challenges for games creator. To see how not to do it, we can see Bill Gates’ first game. Called Doney.Bas, it involves a car that the player steers to avoid donkeys, but this early attempt at a game lacks the mechanics that we need expect to see in a modern game.

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An area where this has become hugely important is in table games. In the case of roulette, you can play here and discover an authentic casino experience with a highly realistic wheel. Designers use a random number generator to accurately reflect the unpredictability of the roulette wheel. The same applies in games like blackjack, where cards need to be as random as they are in a land casino.

The mechanics used to control non-playing characters is called AI. This look at some of the games with poor AI covers Days Gone and Anthem, among others. On the other hand, games like Forza and Alien: Isolation benefit from a clever use of AI that adds to the gameplay and the excitement.

As games become ever more advanced, the engineering principles involved in creating them also become more complex, which means that the best games now stand out from the crowd more than ever. Yet, while many video games need to be highly realistic, there are also examples of casino games where this isn’t really necessary.

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