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An Architect and a Civil Engineer: A Filipino Movie

'One More Chance' relates to anyone who felt hurt, lost, confused, or heartbroken with the movie’s noteworthy lines.

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An Architect and a Civil Engineer

Considered as one of Philippines’ most popular romantic films of this generation, One More Chance stuck to every Filipino millennial as a movie that mirrors the parts of the relationship where one drifts away but eventually wants back. No doubt that it has become a reference movie in conversations about love that relates to anyone who felt hurt, lost, confused, or heartbroken with the movie’s noteworthy lines.

The 2007 hit stars civil engineer Popoy and architect Basha, portrayed by John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, respectively. The two started their love affair as students of University of Santo Tomas and later worked in the same design firm.

One More Chance tells about how a long-time couple, who seem to be practically inseparable, managed to go through the toughest of times and test the limits of their love. They prove that there is forever. (But is there, really?)

Yet that was only demonstrated in the ending. Popoy and Basha suffered emotionally before that, without the issue of other people but only of their own.

An Architect and a Civil Engineer

Love, no matter the amount, isn’t the sole basis of a lasting relationship as circumstances can break a couple. Proof of this is Basha who indisputably loves Popoy, but has come to point of giving up because she felt strangled by the relationship and wanted to break free from Popoy’s chains.

Of course the leading man did not permit this. But Basha made the split anyway, which marked the devastation of Popoy’s life.

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While Basha felt the liberty coming out of a toxic relationship and started anew, Popoy failed to pick up the pieces of his heartbreak and became a total wreck. He became an alcoholic, often affecting his work as a civil engineer.

An Architect and a Civil Engineer

And there was Basha, who got a new work in a design firm and a pixie cut. She looks renewed, but that didn’t last long.

At the time Popoy was already moving on and got himself a girlfriend, it was Basha who felt that calling the relationship off was a mistake. With the encounters made by the connections of their friends and families, both are reminded of the promises they made together making it difficult for the two to live a life totally separate from each other. Especially for Basha.

Basha confessed in one of the movie’s most remarkable scenes that she wants Popoy back in her life and that she only made a choice at her most exhausted point in the relationship. But Popoy, who was committed when this happened, hit back on her by saying that she had broken his heart.

An Architect and a Civil Engineer

“You had me at my best; she loved me at my worst… But you chose to break my heart,” said Popoy.

It wasn’t long until Popoy realized that he hasn’t really moved on from Basha. This also came to the senses of Popoy’s girlfriend, who had let him go after a difficult confrontation.

Eventually, both wanted to give their love one more chance but they are at the time destined to part ways. Popoy had to work in Qatar and Basha had to focus in her career. It was not until two years later that they met again, proving that all’s well that ends well.

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An Architect and a Civil Engineer

This movie is worth watching a dozen times, maybe even more, whatever your opinion is about mainstream Filipino films. Even for guys like me. Because I have watched the movie a couple of times that I already lost count.

John Lloyd and Bea in their fifth onscreen pairing have already established chemistry, which explains the cult following of One More Chance across Philippines’ social media with its easily relatable story and gripping lines.

What has this movie left me as an engineer? It’s that we are but humans. Our relationships outside of work affect the job. It’s critical that one maintains harmonious affairs so our engineering work is not compromised.

How about as a man in a relationship? Apart from these two non-verbatim quotes,

“Sometimes it’s better for two people to break up so they can grow up. It takes grown-ups to make relationships work,” and

“Maybe the reason why people we love leave us is because someone better is bound to arrive. Someone who will love us. Someone who will not hurt and leave us hanging. That one person who will correct all the wrongs in our lives.”

… it’s that there is always hope. There is a second chance to make things right when it comes to love.

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