We wonder how OSHA and the rest of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) engineers would think about this video. Things not to do on site but Fifth Harmony did in ‘Work from Home’ music video. Ooh… all the safety violations are really stunning to see. Kids, don’t do this at home or at work.

I get it. Fifth Harmony is a popular girl group with catchy songs, which is why their music is among one of the most featured videos on YouTube with the millions of views. I stumbled upon one of their newest singles called ‘Work from Home,’ which has a music video set up in what appears to be a wooden house construction. The site is filled with muscular guys as workers, in their sandos and some even without clothes. It is starred by the Fifth Harmony members clad in sexy clothes.

From what I have seen in the video, as a civil engineer who worked in a construction site, I was not so impressed. Although yes, it got me to a last song syndrome after my first view, but what marked more to me are the unsafe practices of the people involved.

Of course I have to spoil the fun to get into the technical construction safety. I’m a civil engineer, damn it, and I know how construction sites work. And a lot of safety violations have been committed by the MV’s directors. Sorry, not sorry.

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I will forgive the dancing while on the site, but one of the most obvious wrongs is their work clothes. Safety officers know it that workers in the site should be fully clothed, complete with safety shoes and hard hats, as to prevent from whatever the skin may be exposed to. The girls are not very good at that, and the guys too. Their costume designers need to get fired for it.

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When you’re working with a handheld saw, you can never be distracted by anyone. Ever. Turn it off first before you flirt with the woman passerby.

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Do not play with hammers, woman. Those legs are beaming but please don’t hurt yourself by playing with a hammer. Nobody wants to scar those legs of yours so do yourself a favor.

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Who wears a silver hard hat? That color is not included in the standard hard hat colors. Very un-engineer.

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It’s not cute and attractive when one plays with an acetylene torch and not using it properly. In fact, it is dangerous. You can twerk with it when it is off though. But it’s freaking on and burning! Damn it!

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Always wear your hard hat at all times, buddy. At all times. Nobody knows what might fall on top of your head.

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Women should never be allowed to play with concrete mixers again. If she holds the handle of a concrete mixer like that until she thinks the mixer is empty, the tendency is that she will leave a concrete mix inside, which will eventually harden. Leave it to the guy.

All those safety violations are really to the roof. If this is a project management, it has won the bidding of injuries and fatalities.

Oh, Fifth Harmony, did I hurt your feelings? A civil engineer got to do what he has got to do – focus on construction work safety. Needless to say, you are setting a bad example. Do better next time if you use the construction site concept again, okay?

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We still love Fifth Harmony though.

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  1. I am married to an engineer who happens have a silver hat. It is a contractor’s hat. Some are silver and some are gray. Beside, it is more than obvious that the scenery is for looks as is the video. Its a video, not an actual construction site. You see more violations for construction sites in the movies. Do you truly believe them all to be real? Really, coming from an actual engineer, I would have thought logic would have taken precedence.

    Read more at: http://beta.gineersnow.com/industries/entertainment/safety-violations-everywhere